Home Refurbishment

Finding a tenant for your property is often a difficult task because often there are too many similar properties in the market. But, you can quickly find a tenant if you have something special in your property. Making some changes in your property will not only help you in finding a tenant faster but will also help you in getting higher rentals.

A well maintained rental property always ensures happy and long term tenants. Your neat and clean, up to date home will leave no point to tenants to think for second option. It is important to make your home look so beautiful and welcoming so that tenants could not say no. Refurbishment or renovating your home is always a good option.

Home Refurbishment

Here are some tips for you regarding the changes that you can make in your property find a tenant faster:-

  • Painting the walls

Getting the walls painted is one of the first things you should do if you are looking for a tenant. Your flat will instantly start looking cleaner and more beautiful once the walls are painted. The quality of the payment can vary depending upon the amount of rent you are expecting. Painting of walls in soothing color will give rich look to your home. Flat will look new to the tenants.

  • Clean the Cutter

If you are giving a furnished property, make sure that you dispose off all the rubbish in advance. This will make your property more spacious and will instantly attract the prospective tenants. Dispose off everything from dusty items to rotten things.

  • New Curtains

Get new curtains for the living room. This will emit positive vibes because clean curtains will always attract people. Moreover, changing curtains itself bring fresh and new look to the home. While choosing curtains keep color of your wall in mind. As you need to select curtains that will look good too and will solve your lighting or color contrast purpose too.

  • Woodwork

If you are thinking of getting some woodwork done in your property, make sure that you do not forget to get some storage shelves added. This will be a great add-on to the utility value of your property and tenants will always prefer to shift to a home that has a good number of shelves. This can also help in increasing the long term rentals of your home. Go for latest and trendy designs especially for kitchen. Kitchen is the most important part of home which should be properly maintained.

  • Replace Door Knobs and Handles

If the door knobs or handles have been worn off, get them replaced with new ones. After all, a person will surely pay attention to them through subconscious mind and damaged ones will give a bad impression about your property. You can replace all knobs and handles by taking same design and same color for all. This will give a sense of uniformity as well.

  • Lighting

Spend some money on lights. A beautifully and well-lit home will always earn praises as compared to the one with regular lights. Your prospective tenant can even ignore some flaws if he/she falls in love with the lights. Everyone wants a home which is airy and has plenty of light. Good lights means good and positive environment.

  • Neat and Clean Floor

No matter how many prospective tenants you have to attend in a day, make sure that the carpets and the floor mats are clean. A property with a dirty floor will show off the visitors quickly and they might not even observe the beauty of your property in a proper manner.

  • Kitchen Upgradation

It is a must if you want to rent your property to a family. Try to go for some modern appliances or a designer worktop that will instantly catch the attention of your visitors. If it is a theme-based kitchen, make sure that there is nothing in the kitchen that can spoil its look. An easy and time saving working kitchen will attract tenants first. Moreover, you can place some essential appliances such as microwave, oven, mixer grinder etc. This will lessen the burden on tenants to bring their own things.

  • Security

It is an important factor that tenants look for while searching for a new property. Do not forget to highlight the safety and security features of the property so that the tenants find your property reliable. Security comes first so make sure that you have covered all safety and security measures in your home.

  • Suggestions to Tenants

If it is an unfurnished property, talk to the prospective tenants in a visionary tone. Tell them that place will be good for keeping what kind of furniture and how they can decorate the home. This can be a good way of convincing them to choose your property. You can engage tenants by showing them different uses and perspectives to them.

  • Neat and Clean Bathrooms

The bathrooms must be clean and shiny. Ensure that everything is in place and the taps work well. There are many tenants who have a habit of checking everything. So, do not disappoint them and make them walk out of your property with an unhappy face. Tenants always look for bathrooms in rental home. Don’t dishearten them by not keeping your bathroom neat and clean.

  • Garden

Making the property feel closer to nature can work in a wonderful manner. If it is a flat and you do not have a regular garden, vertical gardening can help you out. You can put some good plants or can make a container garden. If you don’t have any outdoor space at your rental home, you can keep small pots of herbs and indoor plants.

Renting your home fast is not as difficult as it seems. You can fasten this process by implementing these tips. Find what changes you can make in your property easily to rent your home faster.

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