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A garbage disposal is installed to collect many things, even collecting things that are not meant for them to collect. If by mistake you manage to put something in there and your garbage disposal now won’t work, probably it is time to call a company that does garbage disposal Repair in Atlanta GA or near its surroundings. Accidents happen, you know that haste makes waste. Below are some do’s and don’ts that every house owner should be aware of when they have a working garbage disposal in their house.

Appliance Repair

Don’ts of a garbage disposal system

Back in the days, our grandparents or even our parents didn’t have a garbage disposal system, the waste was collected by hand from the sink and was thrown out. Even though we know that the garbage disposal system can break down almost any solid material and liquefy them. Here are some of the things that you should never consider putting in the garbage disposer.

Greasy and fatty items

The main problem with items which contain grease, fats, and oil is that when they mix with water down in the system, they solidify, making sludge and clogging the whole water disposal system. It is never suggested to send items like these even with hot water or soap.

Fruit pits and bones

It is common sense that items like fruit pits and bones are hard in the property. They can damage the blades. They might not get broken down into smaller pieces and eventually they will block the sink drain. This is a very common problem that most of the plumbers have to face.

Rice and pasta

Even though these items may say that they are dissolvable items and can easily be digested, but when mixed with water or other food items, they form sludge and later clog the water disposal system.

Egg Shells

There is still a debate, whether the egg shells are harmful to the disposal system or not. Some might say that there is no harm as the egg shells help in sharpening the blades. But they might eventually clog the shredder.

Do’s to keep up the health of the garbage disposer

Garbage disposal systems are not very different from other appliance out there. They need to be maintained in order to increase their life-span. If the disposer is malfunctioning you might need to call a professional appliance repair service provider near you to take a look. Just like prevention is better than cure, below are some healthy tips to keep the garbage disposer from malfunctioning.

Use cold water

Make sure to use cold water when draining, so that the grease on the plates are in solid form when they enter the drain. Solidifying in the drain might clog it later.

Use Drain cleaning solutions

Use drain cleaning solutions often to help reduce the building of sludge in the drainage system.

Stop and clear it first

If you have accidentally put anything in the garbage disposal system that wasn’t meant to be in it in the first place. Switch off the system, unplug it from the electrical switch and try to remove the item first. Once it has been removed, you can continue to start using the system again. If you are not able to remove the item make an appointment with a local plumbing service provider to help you with it.

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