There are a few things to remember before you start working on your dream house. First off, isn’t it necessary that the interior and exterior fall into the same type of architectural style? For that, you will have to have excellent communication and a similarity in taste with your family.

This house could be a renovation project or even a built from scratch home. Either way, it can take up a lot of your time, energy, and maybe even your good night’s sleep.

You don’t have to worry about anything when you have my help.

Here are the main things you should consider before diving in:


Before you do anything else to make your dream come true, do your research! Make a list of things you like and require in your home.

Say you want a home that has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a big living room, spacious kitchen and dining room and maybe a small home theater. You don’t have to know the exact area required only an approximate idea that you can give to your architect would be great.

If you have an idea about the architecture style, like modern, traditional or contemporary, you’re going to have to inform your architect about that so they can make designs appropriately.


Once you have established your requirements and desires you have for your home and researched for some technical details, give yourself an approximate budget.

Preferably this should be lower than the actual amount that you can spend because no matter how hard architects try to stick to your budget, there are always some ways in which the cost increases.

Compromising due to cost-cutting may result in poor quality.


The search for an architect can be extremely time consuming, but it is worth all the time and effort, for sure. The type of architect you hire will determine the quality of home you end up with. So do your share of research, online and offline.

Ask people for references and if they have experience working with that particular architect. Before you select the architect that will design your dream house, based on the opinions you have gathered from people, meet up with them and ask them to explain their design process.

You should be able to trust their process and the decisions they will be making. There should be a level of compatibility between you and your architect since you’ll be in close contact with them throughout the project. It will be crucial for them to understand your views and need.


Once you’ve checked all the primary things off the list, you need to sign a contract that mentions details about:

  • How long it will take to complete the project and what happens if there is a delay due to any reason
  • Deadlines of completion of each stage
  • The fees of the architect after the completion of every stage
  • The number of services that are going to be provided

Depending on the architects’ policies additional details could be added to the agreement. It is imperative that the contract is read accurately before signing.


Yes, the architect and designer are professionals who understand the technicalities of the project more than you, but that doesn’t mean you leave everything in their hands. There is a chance that you don’t agree with a particular detail that is going to be added. Before going forth let the architect know about your opinions and inputs.

Having a difference of opinion is common which furthermore should be discussed. Being involved in the project doesn’t mean you cause problems for the people working for you.

Home Trend

The biggest mistake you can make in establishing the look for your home will be selecting a design that is running high on the trending chart. There is a high possibility that the trend will fade away by the time you start living in the house. You will have to live with it even when the trend goes out of fashion. A design that is classic will make sure that your house is beautiful for life.

Fashionable fixtures that use new technology are extremely attractive throwing your budget way out of line.

Don’t let all of these points scare you away from making your dream house into a reality. It’s not as difficult as it may sound. The architects and project workers are generally cooperative and consider your opinions without dismissing them without a thought.

So go on and start planning your dream house, I am sure it will be everything you imagined and more!

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