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Do you still follow the same fashion you used to follow in your college days? No, right? Because with changing trends, we have to update our wardrobe too. We buy new dresses and say goodbye to the old ones so we don’t look outdated.

But our wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs to be updated with time — our house does too. The furniture and interior that was famous in the mid twentieth century is not relevant anymore.

Modern designs are more about minimalism. But even minimalistic trends change every year. So, if you want to upgrade your home in 2019, here are a few modern ways to do it:

Upgrade the Furniture

If your furniture is old then maybe it is time to change it. While you go for change, you can choose modern options instead of buying furniture that reminds everyone of old times. Modern furniture trends include large sofa pieces that become the focal point of the room. Such furniture is enough to change the look of your room and you won’t have to spend money on other things.

Velvet is also back in fashion and is considered a luxurious fabrication for furniture these days. You can color coordinate your furniture with your curtains or go for a contrast.
Accent pieces are also a great way to modernize any room. Bright colored accent chairs complement other furniture and enhance the modern look of your room by manifolds.

Install Light Fixtures

Chandeliers have been around a long time, sure, but modern light fixtures are completely different from the traditional chandeliers. They are a piece of art themselves and can add the modern element to your house which it is lacking. The most famous type of light fixtures these days are the geometric ones. The designs with exposed bulbs are the sort that catch everyone’s attention and make them admire your design sense.

Update Your Garage

A lot of times people think upgrading a house is all about the interior. But the exterior matters just as much, if not more. One way to improve the exterior is by updating your garage. A garage door is what everyone sees when they visit your place. If your garage door is old and outdated, it may leave a bad first impression on the visitors.

Once you get a new garage door, the next thing to consider is a garage door opener. You don’t want an opener that is super slow or malfunctions every other day because that will ruin your peace of mind every night when you come home. The perfect opener is one that works with your door efficiently and isn’t too slow.

You can also change the interior of your garage to make it more useful. One way to do that is by tidying it up and getting rid of useless items in there to make more room for your tools. You can also make a work station in your garage if it is big enough for one.

Get New Art Pieces

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to modernize your house, modern art is the best option. Get rid of old and boring wall art pieces and opt for modern abstract pieces to improve the look of your room. Minimalistic frames are also in these days that include a quote or a small print in black on a white background.

You can either put a couple of small pieces on the wall or go for a one big one. If you are going for a big art piece, matching it with your furniture or cushions is a good idea. It will give your room a balanced and coordinated finish. Along with art pieces, wall decal stickers are also an option. Tree stickers for walls are pretty in but if you don’t want them to be in your living room, you can get one for the nursery or your children’s room.

Change the Colors

The colors of your walls need to change frequently. A fresh coat of paint can change the look of any place instantly. If you have been living in bright colors for a long time then maybe it is time to try white.

Everyone on Pinterest and Instagram loves white walls and rightly so. White walls work perfectly well in modern minimalistic houses. They enhance the beauty of your colorful furniture. Even if you go for neutral tones, white will complement them beautifully.

But changing the color of your walls doesn’t mean that you can’t pick anything other than white. If your walls have been of a light color for a long time then maybe it is time to add a dash of brightness to your home. Modern designs are not limited to white, but also include bright colored paints and floral and abstract wallpapers. You can pick whatever matches your taste best.

2019 is slipping through our hands pretty quickly so you need to get on with your home upgrade quickly. Follow the above-mentioned modern ways of upgrade and you will end up with a completely different looking home.

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