Christmas Porch Decorations

Ah! The beautiful rose flower in the flower pot just outside your home inevitably attracts the attention of the passerby’s.

The flower pots not only provide a haven to you for planting your favorite flowers but are also a great decor item for the outdoors and indoors of your home.

However, at times, a colored flower pot no more does the trick, which is where many homeowners start looking for the perfect Christmas porch decorations.

With a little décor, that year-old flower pot can again get a new breath of life without spending money on a new one.

With that said, let us look at some of the best DIY ideas for a great flower pot décor.

Fabric and Adhesive

  • The first tip we want to offer you is using fabric, which you can use with some adhesive on a particular area of the flower pot.
  • Next, place a fabric cloth on the top.
  • Lastly, you can also choose any favorite shade to paint on the pot, as it will also help you cover up any cracks or provide it with a new look altogether.

Acrylic Paint

  • The second thing you can try using is some acrylic paint and a gold leaf to provide the flower pot a fabulous makeover.
  • Next, you can also use tape to create a pattern or design, if you want the whole pot to have a unified look throughout.
  • Besides, painting the flower pot on its exterior will provide it with the right style. You can then remove the tape and put the gold leaf.

Decorative Napkins and Terracotta

  • Apart from using the standard glue and tape approach, you can try another great decorate flower pots idea when giving a new look to the flower pot.
  • For example, you can use a decorative napkin that you like. Paint the pot and let it dry. Then cut a design from the napkin and adhere it to the container using glue.

You can also choose terra cotta pots, crafted outdoor paint, or vinyl. Then apply two coat of paint on each pot

We all know that flower pots most commonly found in the garden, but these also work as a great décor item. These let a person quickly move the flowers from one location to the next without any hassle.

Flower pots are also a great Christmas porch decorations item. Hence, without a doubt, these also require special care.

Christmas porch decorations With that said, now let us look at some stylish flower pots for great decor.

The Hand Painted Name Flower Pot

  • We recommend you try something a little traditional and paint the flower pot with your family name.
  • The hand-painted flower pot is also a great outdoor porch decorating ideas, especially if you have a garden in the front yard or close the house entry.
  • You should use a second pot and paint a quote, which will make for a great addition.

Glass Stone Flower Pot

  • The glass beads are another great addition to the flower pot décor ideas, as this works with all types of flower pots.
  • Add little glass stones using glue to form different patterns on the flower pots and create a stylish look.

Seashell Flower Pot

  • The seashell flower pot offers a traditional mosaic design, which means your flower pot has different shapes and sizes of seashells etched.
  • Moreover, it is a simple design and a great Christmas porch decorations to have for your garden.
  • Therefore, if you are living near a lakeshore or ocean, this is the idea to try.

Moss Covered Flower Pots

  • Moss covered flower pots are an excellent idea for someone living near the woods, as the design has moss and pinecones to provide the flower pot a natural look.
  • In case someone lives in a forested area and has moss growing in the vicinity, they can use the real moss to put it on the flower pot exterior.
  • You can also use fake moss to get the same effect with minimal maintenance.

Tiki Head Flower Pots

  • The Tiki head flower pot is not only a great addition to the garden area but also ideal for home use. All one needs to do is wash out the old pot, and it’s ready for the second use.
  • In short, these provide multiple uses, which makes them a must-have decorate flower pots ideas to try.

Glass Chip and Tile Mosaic Flower Pots

  • You can also use glass chips for creating the image in mind and display it using the flower pot as the canvas.
  • Remember, the possibilities of creativity with a glass chip and tile mosaic are endless, so there is no limit to what type of designs you can create.


Flower pots do a lot more than just providing a space to grow the best flowers. Are you looking for the best Christmas porch decorations ideas to give the flower pot a new look? Make sure to try these ideas.

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