hidden camera installation

Hidden cameras play a very vital role in modern life and have gained essential popularity in present society. Used by multitude population and for various purpose and reasons, whether personal or official, is legal in many states. It’s parallel with terms like nanny cameras, spy cameras etc.

Many people use hidden cameras for catching burglars, thieves, or checking the nanny whether she is taking care of your child, or your partner’s Infidelity etc.

hidden camera installation

So here are things to know before installing a hidden camera in your room:

  • Lightening System

Check the lightning environment around the position of your camera. The lightning proportions must be optimum to get a clear recording. It must not be much high and intense or too dim and dull. The installation could only be a success if you get a good and proper lighting for the camera.

  • Camouflage Camera

The working objectives and functioning of the hidden camera are futile if the observer knows that he is being noticed. In such situations, the camera must be disguised and more aptly camouflage amidst other elements.
It must be very small and tiny enough to not to be noticed.

The visibility of the camera must be concealed.

Hide a camera in daily used things which shrink the chances of being noticed like alarms, coffee maker, fire alarm etc

It must appear like button rather than the camera.

  • Installation Procedures

There are different kinds of hidden camera available in the market and so are their manuals. Before installing any hidden cameras, read the instructions carefully. Go through the guide and manual, and so apply it properly to avoid any inconvenience. It’s important and worth part to not be skipped.

If you have purchased the camera and there’s the need of software for its proper functioning. They know the software from its manual, go through the instructions, and follow its own particular instructions and then install it.

  • Testing The Camera

Test the working of your camera if it functions properly and fulfills the objective as required. You can test it by recording your daily routine and then check the internal storage of the camera whether it has recorded the motion of your activity with appropriate image quality. heck it in daily intervals to ensure its quality and performance.

  • Maintenance of the Camera

The installation may appear very easy but need to maintain the camera for its proper working.

If your camera works though charging, you need to charge it at proper intervals. Know how much time it takes to get a discharge and then charge it accordingly.

Keep the documentary of your memory. Clean the memory and check its storage. If you have good and large storage capacity, you might never need to clean it and review it whenever you want.

Your camera may have technical difficulties immediately without knowing and so recheck its performance time to time.

How to Fix Hidden Cameras

Here are some of the good hiding spots for your newly installed camera which would multiply its effectiveness and purpose. Some of the good and perfect sites are provided below as:

1. Hiding in furniture

Hidden cameras in furniture are one of the best ways. Furniture is mostly used in every home. It has minimal chances to be noticed and makes your security camera

2. In Clothes

If you have an open closet, then you can fix the security camera amidst clothes. This is the least location to be noticed as its very common in every household. You can secure the camera in pockets or under the collar of any shirt or in between the stack or heap of arranged and folded clothes.

3. In potted plants

This is another good example of hiding the camera with the least chances of being caught. The dense leaves of the plant would work to hide camera most aptly.

4. Curtains

Curtains at door and windows are the best way to secure the camera. The junction of curtains and rod will minimize the chances of being noticed.

Other important tips to be kept in mind during the installation of hidden cameras:

1. Direct line of sight

  • The camera must be located in such place of exact and direct observation with least kind of obstruction on its way. You should take efforts to find that right place of monitoring.
  • If you want to check the working of a nanny in your absence, then you can place the camera right in the place where your child plays.
  • For spying on the thief, place the hidden camera at door.
  • For checking partner’s Infidelity, fix the camera in the bedroom

2. Sound

  • For proper sound quality and hence listening to the conversations, you can fix the camera that is convenient and easier to track and recognize the sound.
  • For this, you can fix the camera in sofas or chairs.
  • Away from the car speakers.
  • Away from television or other kinds of disturbances.

3. Power connection

  • Place the camera at such location which is nearer to an external supply of power connection because if the distance is more, it would require more gross and complicated wiring which would be undesirable for you.

4. Network connection

  • If your camera requires network for broadcasting, connect it to USB cable or ethernet. Place it near the computer in an inconspicuous location to hide away and get a proper network connection.

5. Hiding away from direct vision spot

  • The camera must be located in such a place that avoids direct eye contact. It must be placed above or below the normal vision or location/horizon of sight.
  • You can check the right location, by asking someone to search the camera after you have installed, if he fails, then you are good to go ahead.
  • The bad hiding spots are television, paintings, lights, switchboard etc as they draw the attention repeatedly.

6. Protect the camera

  • Make sure your camera is well protected from any kind of destruction points like if its placed at the door, then it must not get broken by weathering or other environmental problems. Protect it, by shielding it from other transparent elements.


We hope you find this article useful and get your objectives performed by your installed camera, by rendering attention to the given information above and its application. All these techniques mentioned this article will help you to spy on the people that you want to and also the best option for the safety purpose. Read this article and apply them and then tell us if this information helped you or not by commenting below.

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