For spending a healthy life clean and tidy home is important because we spend a large amount of our time in our home- in Europe people spend around 75% time at home.

Technology much responsible for this, social media like Skype, Twitter and another electric device like mobile phones, tab, laptop making it’s too easy to stay at home.

If you want to keep fresh your house regular basis, you need to clean your home properly which ensure a healthy and happy life. If the house not regular cleaned dust, dirt and other useless particles will build up.

Which create germs and cause a different kind of sick. Before cleaning the home you should know how to keep the house clean and tidy.

Some simple tricks on how to keep the house clean and tidy:

  1. Keep Shoes off at the door
  2. Empty the trash bin regularly
  3. Take care of the floor
  4. Keep living room hygienic
  5. Keep your house dust-free.
  6. Try to keep Hygenic your kitchen
  7. Keep the bathroom floor dry
  8. Keep pets in check
  9. Use air purifier

Let’s discuss them in details:

1. Keep Shoes off at the door

When we entire home our shoes carry different types of bacteria, which may cause different kinds of sickness. Nasty bacteria ruining a new carpet with muddy, bottoms of shoes carry stomach bug inducing pathogens that reach bathroom surfaces. So make sure you and your visitors shoe off the door before the entire home.

2. Empty the trash bin regularly

The kitchen bin can be full of bacteria with food spoilage. Collect your home wastage on a container and clean this bag regularly. After clean bin bag makes sure about wash your hands.

3. Take care of the floor

Floor become dirty soon, and bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium challenging can survive in dry conditions. Swipe floor regular basis so that bacteria does not grow. Use a floor cleaner for making a hygienic home.

4. Keep living room hygienic

Living room heart of the home because a lovely living room makes you happy and much inspire your work speed. Always keep your living room clean, especially the place where kids spend their maximum time.

Organize your magazines, books, and newspapers in a rack or shelving unit. Swipe coffee table daily for keeping it stain free.

Don’t forget clean sofa and chairs after use. Keep your important file in a specific place so that you get this paper proper time. You can keep flower vase in the living room.

5. Keep your house dust-free

Keep home dust-free always, clean every corner of the home. Try to clean ceilings and walls periodically, clean every small corner at least once a week.

If you have a pet you need extra care because your favorite pet is one the important part of your life. When the pet gets sick they create an unexpected situation as they urinate on the carpet, sometimes vomit on the floor.

To avoid this situation use pet vacuum which cleans up pet hair and another unnecessary particle from the floor. Use a vacuum to pick up dust and mop areas if they contain dust.

6. Try To keep Hygenic your kitchen

The kitchen should clean every day because hygienic kitchen environment saves you from different types of disease. Always keep a bin bag on the kitchen. Because the maximum wattage of our home may create from the kitchen.

Use Damp Clean cloth with mild soap and water to remove oil and grease stains from kitchen cabinets. Use floor cleaner for a clean floor properly like a pro.

Organize kitchen appliance in a proper place which not only makes your kitchen lovely but saves your time.

7. Keep the bathroom floor dry

The bathroom one of the most unhygienic places of home and contain different types of bacteria, if it’s did not clean properly. The bathroom floor, walls, tub, and doors need to be wiped down thoroughly after each shower.

8. Keep pets in check

Cats & dogs make allergies which may cause long-time sickness if it’s not clean proper way. Use a regular vacuum for reducing pet hair which contains harmful bacteria like Salmonella, so make sure to wash your hand bedding regularly.

9. Use air purifier

Air pollution can maintain indoor air quality, which helps to keep air quality good and remove harmful gases from indoor air.

Sometimes we feel the bad smell from our home, help us this situation vacuum cleaner company offers some special vacuum which able to remove any kind of bad smell from the air.

Some Important tricks

  • Keep curtains dust-free and clean unnecessary material once every two months
  • Vacuum pet hair regularly
  • Raise Awareness in your family member


Keep home clean and healthy is not difficult, but it needs the necessary time. If you are not able to clean home proper way, hire someone to get the job done for you.

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