Air curtain makes an invisible barrier which restricts dust, fumes and bacteria from entering the surrounding area. Air door or air curtain prevents contaminants from moving from one place to another.

It is equipped with a downward facing blower that is required to stay open for operational purposes. They help in keeping insects and dust away.

The air stream layer of air curtains moves with a velocity and angle so that no air can surpass it. The air curtain is widely used at places such as malls, industries, supermarkets and airports.

Types of Air Curtain

There are two types of air curtains which can be installed as per your convenience.


These curtains are typically used in places where there is constant foot traffic which usually includes supermarkets and stores. They emit air from the grill at the door opening.

They are constructed while the entrance is built. The recirculating air curtain produces a non-obtrusive wde stream of low velocity which is more desirable for separating environments.


The non-recirculating type of air curtain is less expensive to install, easy to use and has lower maintenance. They are widely used as compared to recirculating air curtains.

It is usually mounted horizontally above the door or vertically at one side or both the sides of the road which keeps the environment clean and hygienic.

How Does an Air Curtain Save Your Money?

Air curtains are an energy saver and reduce the heat temperature of the environment. It is beautifully architectured for commercial use that meets all the functional needs of the environment.

Saves Energy Bill

Installing an air curtain saves energy as it consumes less energy as compared to an air conditioner. It maintains the temperature in the environment and prevents hot air from entering the place. The air door is equipped with a different number of blowers which improves health and productivity of the place.

Creates a Comfortable Environment

It creates a comfortable environment and maintains a proper temperature between two zones. It creates a pleasant environment that keeps the palace cool in summers and warm in winters.

Due to this it becomes a popular choice for hospitals, malls and heavy duty industries. Also it keeps smoke, dust, dirt and fumes outside that reduces illness and cost indirectly.

Improves Health and Safety

As an automatic air curtain keeps the surrounding clean and tidy, it improves the health and safety of people.

Either you install it at home, office or any other commercial or non-commercial place the indoors will remain completely healthy.

All the pollen particles and pollutants remain outside and the people working inside the environment remain safe and healthy.

Control Insects and Flies

As the air curtain works as a barrier it restricts insects and flies from entering. You don’t need to worry about the continuous traffic of the place as it only allows an individual to enter and not insects, flies or any other thing to enter.

You don’t need to spend on buying mosquito repellent or sprays. This saves the money and expenses of every month.

Reduces Risk of Allergies

Many people are allergic to dust and fumes and many may have diseases such as asthma and influenza and for them a clean environment is a must. So installing the air curtain in home will restrict all the germs and bacteria from entering inside.

Mounting the air curtain above the doors and windows will be a great option if you have any air borne disease.

How to Install an Air Curtain?

Airflow of the curtain depends on the wind forces, blowers and temperature of the place. Do install it for a better and convenient surrounding.

Determine the Size

You can buy air curtains online or can get them from an offline store. But before getting the device you should first determine the size of your place.

They are available in different sizes, width, length and motors from which you can choose the most relevant one for your place. So first see which size you want.

Select the Right Location

Once you determine the size, you also need to select the right place where the air curtain has to be mounted.

They can be placed horizontally above the door or vertically beside the doors whichever you think is more convenient. Usually they work on electricity so choose a place which is nearer to the plug.

Clean the Place

Before installing the air door make sure that you clean the palace properly. There should be no dust or dirt on the wall where you are going to mount it.

Clean the wall with a cloth and let it dry. After it is cleaned completely, mount the stands of the air curtain by marking the right points on the wall. This will make the installation easier.

Mount the Air Door

When you have found the right place with a plug and switch and you have cleaned it properly the next step is to mount it at the right place.

There are different models and designs and you will find different air curtain price in India from which you can find the most favourable one for your place.

Lastly, you just need to mount it at the right place.

How to Clean an Air Curtain?

If you have installed an air curtain then you also need to manage and maintain it. To give it a longer life span you should clean it timely. Here’s how you should clean an air curtain.

  • You should clean it with a dry cloth and brush from outside at least once in a month.
  • To clean it properly from inside first dismantle the parts of the air door.
  • Clean the blowers and brackets with a brush and wet cloth properly.
  • Then wipe all the parts with a dry cloth.
  • Keep them aside and let them dry in the air for sometime.
  • Once they are all done attach them again to the correct places.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the electricity while cleaning the air door.


This is how you can clean and use the air curtains and save money and environment by using it.

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