Home Remodeling

Today, owning or living in a dream home is not just about ensuring your comfort and luxury. It is more than that. With climate change and global warming becoming pressing concerns, homeowners are committed to reducing carbon footprints from their homes.

Of course, there is a financial angle involved because light and water efficiencies help them save on bills, but when viewed from a larger perspective, people are now more environmentally conscious and opting for a healthier lifestyle. So, are you one of the enlightened and awakened millennials who is committed to green remodeling?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Useful and beneficial, our ideas are going to change your outlook and perspective for the better. Let us see what we got for you then? Here, we go.


Beneficial home remodeling ideas to make your home energy-efficient

Home Remodeling

Replace the home lights:

Perhaps, the most attainable and easiest energy-efficient remodeling ideas you will find out there. Replace the redundant and energy-consuming bulbs with LED bulbs that are not just high-performance but they can transform the overall ambiance of your living space by spreading extraordinary luminosity. Right from the ceiling lights and hanging pendants to accent lights, you can explore a pool of options, you see.

And guess what’s more? Advanced light controls without harmful elements like mercury can reduce your electricity bill by 50%. Yes, you read that right! Also, power down the lights when they are not in use as that helps in saving energy as well as reducing the bills.

Improve the HVAC system

Keep in mind that a sustainable building has its heat, ventilation, and cooling systems on point. So, here is what you should do. Never back off from insulating your home because it helps improve the indoor air quality as well as reduce utility bills – this means you get to hit two birds with one stone. Impressive? Also, make sure the existing HVAC system of your home is functional and has not worn out.

You can either retrofit the old one or simply invest in a brand new energy-efficient system – the choice is yours. To help you conserve efforts, we think you can also consider having a smart thermostat to keep a check on your home temperature. Now that sounds both comfortable and efficient, right?

Install Energy-star appliances

Yes, energy-star appliances are more expensive than traditional counterparts, but we suggest you make a decision keeping in mind the long term repercussions. It is for you to decide whether you would want to keep paying high utility bills or bear one-time high-cost and reap benefits in the long run. Energy Star refrigerators, clothes dryers, dishwashers, laundry sets, and air purifiers will not only last for years but they can cut down your electric bills by 20%. Surprised?

So, what’s still stopping you from replacing your standard appliances with energy-efficient ones? Make the right purchase decisions and do your bit to control carbon emissions from your dream home.

Efficient water fixtures

Have any idea how much water is being wasted through the faulty faucet of your bathroom? Understand that you cannot keep calling and relying on your plumber forever. If you are on the lookout for a permanent solution, investing in energy-efficient water fixtures is the best way to go about it. To avoid wastage of water, install faucets with a water flow restrictor in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Have you heard of a ‘quick recovery’ water heater? Well, it is a dual water system that warms a small amount of water quickly but waits for the bulk to heat slowly. Wait, the dual system is now being integrated into modern flush systems as well thereby contributing to overall water conservation.


Mandatory landscaping for cooling

Think landscaping is all about enhancing the beauty of your home? Its importance goes beyond that. With luscious trees and a heat-soaking patio, a well-designed landscape can reduce the cooling and heating costs of your home to a great extent.

For example, the strategic planting of trees near the windows can block the scorching heat of your sun from barging into your home. Also, building a patio or pergola can filter the excessive natural light from warming up your rooms. Want to dig into more ideas such as these?

Wrapping it up

Investing in energy-efficient features ensures your comfort and improves your quality of living. But, it also adds value to your property as well as boosting its durability. Thus, remodeling your home along the lines of energy efficiency puts you in a win-win situation in a way you can never imagine. So, which of these ideas are you yet to implement in your home remodel project?

And if you are preparing a checklist for the onset of your project, make sure you hold these ideas as a priority. Remember, we are at a time when investing in a green home is not just desirable but mandatory. So, make the right decisions now and avoid regretting later.

We hope these home remodeling ideas can make your abode energy-efficient and high-performance.

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