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In the current era, we are going through various changes in the Ecosystem such as an increase in plastic waste, weakening of the ozone layer and less recycling. Some of us are so creative that we can make impressive home decor stuff with the help of something quite surprisingly useless. In the incredible ideas of getting a new professional decorator for the Home Remodeling.

Using waste material such as paper, bottles, old clothes, furniture, jars and boxes for making beautiful artwork is a great idea to recycle things and reduce the monster of waste on our planet. Here are some artistic methods to make home decor stuff with waste items:

home decoration

1. Utilizing old clothes to make unique rugs

The clothes which are in bad shape and can’t even go to goodwill, do not throw them away. You can make a colorful rug out of them, cut them in long strips and make nice frills out of them. Use a carpet base and attach all the frills closely on that with commercial glue. It may seem a tedious task but the results are amazingly pretty and comfortable.

2. Turn old table cloth into a painting

If you have a gorgeous but old table cloth that you want to replace, do not discard the colorful old one. Paste it on steady cardboard and add an elegant old frame to make it look like a painting.

You can cut the tablecloth according to the size of your old frame. You can spray paint the old frame with some rose gold color and varnish it. This will look like a vintage artwork for your walls in almost no cost.

3. Fruit cartons can be transformed into vintage shelves

Experts in the area of custom home remodeling will give you amazing ideas regarding the food boxes or the fruit cartons. There is a lot of wood in those cartons, why should it go to waste and we buy other wooden shelves for the walls. Sandpaper the boxes and paint them in required colors to get your new wall shelves.

4. Plastic bottles can become amazing plant pots

Beautifully cut plastic bottles can act as platers in your terrace or lawn. Add some soil to the base of these bottles and cut the upper half away. Seed various small plants in these bottles and let the garden grow cheerfully. Plastic bottled is the most dangerous waster material in this year, using them in an eco-friendly way seems like a noble task.

5. Creative wall hangings with old magazines

Using colorful magazines and the high-quality images printed in them to create your own collage work painting is a great idea to fill up the walls on your apartment. You can even engage kids in this activity and the family time will become a productive one in all manners.

6. Make gorgeous Flower vases from Food Jars

Food jars look so pretty if you put some lace on them and plant flowers in them. If not interested in gardening, then arrange flowers in the jars and turn a useless thing into a fancy vase for your living room. The perfect place for these flower vases will be the kitchen window as suggested by most of the experts sharing kitchen remodeling estimate.

7. Convert old drawers into a garden accessory

If you are about to throw away an old closet or a chest of drawers, stop right there. There are a hundred things you can do to make them useful in your garden in a classy way.

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