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In this day and age, it is crucial to the future of our society and our overall well-being that we look into more ways to be environmentally-friendly.

One aspect of our life that can benefit from turning a new leaf is our cleaning habits.

Without us being conscious of it, a lot of our cleaning habits include the use of toxic cleaning solutions that are not only bad for the environment but also bad for our overall health.

Instead of using these types of cleaning solutions, using homemade items to create your cleaning solution can be the way to go. On that note, below are some natural ingredients or ways you can use to clean up your home.

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most effective but easy to acquire natural ingredient that is readily available in your home. Aside from that, it’s cheap and can clean a variety of household appliances.

If you mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, this is already an excellent cleaning solution for you. You can wipe down anything from soap scum to kitchen counters to tile floors and much more. Use pure, undiluted vinegar for extra tough stains that you can’t rub off your upholstery or furniture.

Remember to only use this on stains that are hard to remove and that you should patch test the vinegar first before you proceed on a larger and more accessible area.

2. Baking Soda

If you’re thinking of a natural cleaning solution, then you definitely shouldn’t miss baking soda in your ingredients list. Due to its versatility and effectiveness, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most common cleaning ingredients that you can easily purchase.

On that note, you can use baking soda for many things. One, you can use it to replace your drain cleaner. Throw half a cup of baking soda down the drain then half a cup of vinegar and let it foam for five minutes before throwing in some hot water in the pipe.

You can also use baking soda to deodorize your mattresses. Sprinkle some baking soda on top of it and leave it for 10 minutes. Once you’re done, it is now safe to vacuum it off with the upholstery mouth attachment.

3. Castile Liquid Soap

Castile Liquid Soap is a soap that is made from vegetable oils, which is different from most of the other commercial soaps. Moreover, it usually contains animal fat. This is a gentle soap that doesn’t smell of anything and is great for people with sensitive skin.

With that said, you can use this soap to create a variety of cleaning solutions made for many different uses. If you’re mopping your floors, you can mix three gallons of water and half a cup of this soap to create a gentle floor cleaning solution.

You can also use it as is as a dog shampoo because of how gentle it is. Aside from that, you can mix a ¼ cup of Castile liquid soap in a quarter gallon of water for an all-purpose cleaning solution.

4. Borax

The next natural ingredient on the list is available everywhere, and that is Borax. You can use it to clean a variety of things in your home, much like the others on this list.

To clean your carpets, mix half a cup of Borax in a gallon of warm water. Then, combine it with your carpet cleaner for a stronger cleaning solution.

You can also sprinkle Borax around areas in your bathroom that have soap scum on it. Then, add a small amount of water then scrub away at these particular areas.

When cleaning with Borax, however, be wary of it getting in your eyes as it can irritate. Plus, it is also harmful if swallowed, so it’s best to keep away from kids’ reach.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils are another great addition on this list. Although they’re natural, they are usually used as a supplement to other natural cleaning ingredients or solutions and don’t stand on their own.

They help boost the cleaning effect of your homemade cleaning solution. Plus, it can also make it smell sweeter.

If you mix in distilled water with several drops of a combination of different essential oils of your choosing, you can create an air freshener for your home. Citrus scents work best for this type of job, but you are free to choose your combination.

6. Lemon

Last but not least on our list is a classic fruit used for all kinds of cleaning purposes, and that is the lemon.

With its deodorizing and antibacterial effect, it works well as an ingredient for your cleaning solution or as a disinfectant.

If you want to disinfect your chopping board, then you can use a slice of lemon to do the trick. You can also use lemons and salt as an all-natural scrub for your bathtub that will help remove soap scum.

Going green with your cleaning doesn’t mean that you have to purchase other more expensive alternatives on the market. Instead, you can make one for yourself out of everyday household ingredients.

Don’t feel guilty every time you clean your home with these natural solutions. Not only will these help the environment, but it will also create a cleaner and healthier home for you.

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