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Every living space requires refurbishment from time to time. If you ignore this critical responsibility, your house may gradually lose appeal regardless of how expensive and flashy aesthetics may be.

People typically avoid upgrading their homes because they assume that calling an interior designer could cost a considerable budget. However, you do not necessarily need to reach out to an expert to turn your house into a visual treat – and this is not even a typo. There are some handy DIY ways to renovate a home – all you have to do is be creative!

These techniques neither demand technical skills Nora a lavish budget, which makes them feasible for every homeowner. Let’s dive into them without further ado:

1. Update the fireplace

The fireplace is one of the focal points in a room. So, if the chimney-corner is not on top of the appearance, it could make everything around look somewhat gloomy. Besides, a dolled-up stove could potentially up the market value of your house by as much as 5 percent.

Follow these rules to restore your hearth to pristine conditions:

  • Start by giving it a thorough cleaning: A good cleanup session will make a world of difference to a fireplace outlook. Begin with making sure the surrounding space is well-covered to save the furniture from getting dusty. At the same time, remember, storage services are a blessing to cut down the headache. So, it would be best to opt for a self-storage unit to shift the belongings until you clean the fireplace.
  • Follow up with paint: If you own a conventional fireplace, it is more likely to have eye-catchy engravings. These beautiful features lose their luster over time. Well, you can infuse life back to the prints by applying a lick of fresh paint.
  • Complement the fireplace with something extra: The mantle does not have to be bare. You can give it a facelift by placing an oversized mirror or fresh flowers on it.

2. Add more lighting

You just visited your neighbor’s house and saw their newly renovated kitchen. Though the kitchen contains stunning countertops, it still appears cramped and dull. It is often the case when people do not take measures for proper lighting.

Natural light is hands down the best way to light up space. Do not assume that you have to swap small windows with large ones for this objective. Just strategically placing multiple mirrors will pretty much get the job done quite comprehensively. In case your house does not have too many optimal spots to fix mirrors, go for artificial lighting fixtures such as floor lamps, LED lights, etc.

Depending on the budget and your proficiency to deal with the electrical nitty-gritty, you may also opt for ceiling fixtures.

3. Go for new door handles

Replacing door handles is an easy DIY hack. It would not take more than a few minutes to swap dirty and outdated handles with gleaming new ones. The market is oozing with door handles made of stainless steel, aged copper, brass, cut glass, and so forth.

But do not allow the abundance of options to take a toll on you. Purchase door handles precisely the way you purchase other interior designing stuff. For example, take the house’s overall theme and the respective room or kitchen’s design into account and then decide accordingly.

4. Restyle bookshelf

Indeed, bookcases are prone to gather a lot of dust. But you can do a lot more to make the books pop up than merely tidying them up over and over again. For instance, people tend to cram their bookshelves with books, magazines, files, etc. This practice is equivalent to abusing a bookshelf.

You should spare some room between the books so that empty spaces could cater to other decorative objects; a lightbox, vase, and customized candles, to name a few.

You should also avoid putting books on the shelf randomly. The reason being, it does not lead to a captivating color scheme.

5. Bring in plants

So, what if you do have a large garden in the house? There is no shortage of plants you can grow indoors. What is more important, indoor plants are also known for enhancing the outlook depending on the positioning. Some of the popular indoor plants include the snake plant, pothos, dracaena, spider plant, rubber tree, and peace lily.
Some of the houseplants might require partial shade to stay healthy. So, make sure you place them in ideal settings.

The final verdict

Gone are the days when it was mandatory to have a massive budget, even for small home updates. As you can see, the actions mentioned above are quite affordable and easy to implement. So, get rid of the old appearance and give your house a new look to welcome the new year.

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