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No trend lasts forever. Even though some things can look really cute and amazing at a certain point, tomorrow they can be old news. When we’re talking about home decoration and renovation, it’s great to know what is hot and what is not.

You can always keep yourself updated with the help of magazines and the internet. Talking about interior design, let’s find out what is not fashionable anymore. You will read about several trends that are better for you to ditch as soon as possible if you want to be in!

Gray walls

In 2018, this color became a synonym for style, so everyone had to paint their walls gray. However, this year, it looks like everyone got bored with it, so they feel like repainting. Even though neutral colors will always have a place in our homes, gray is definitely on the decline this year.

Gray walls

Extreme minimalism

It’s always a great idea to get rid of clutter. But only if you want your place to look sterile and uninviting will you go for extreme minimalism. In 2019, it’s better to have colorful accessories, layered looks, and spaces that are comfy. It doesn’t only look incredible but we can also say it’s more livable!

White countertops

Last year, it was very popular to make everything white and that was the solution to any problem. Whatever the materials were, people wanted their bathrooms and kitchens screaming color white – if not white, then some other lighter-hued options. This year, this is not the case. In fact, dark countertops will come back in style for 2019.


Accent walls

They say this trend now looks like the budget didn’t stretch for the full desired effect. Whatever impression it gives us, the important thing is that it’s not in anymore. People now rather choose textured elements. For instance, it’s cool to incorporate a polished plaster or a more subtle textured wallpaper (silk or grasscloth).

Midcentury modern

This trend is thought to have gone a little overboard. It might have looked cute before, but now it’s not advisable to experiment with it. Experts recommend variety instead. You can employ a blend of contemporary, custom and vintage pieces and all this from a variety of periods to create a layered feel rich in texture and influence while it’s also functional and effortless.

Farmhouse chic

This trend is said to be completely overdone and there’s no hope for it anymore. When the style became popular, it happened so quickly that many knew it couldn’t last. Many think this look often feels out of place. It’s not that cool walking into a farmhouse-inspired apartment in the middle of a bustling city. If you are ready to ditch it, refresh this trend and incorporate wooden, rustic elements indoors.

Lack of texture and color

A white moment or white walls can look great, but a strictly colorless palette is definitely not that awesome anymore. Layering textures is important and using all the same shades in a room can look quite boring.

When the time comes for a complete home renovation, try one of the trends that are in. It’s 2019, so check out articles containing this year, because even something that was a hit in 2018 can now be totally out of style.

For example, instead of a lack of texture and color, today it’s very trendy to show how bold you are and mix different colors and prints. You can even match what you usually wouldn’t.

Home full of plants

If you want plants, a few cleverly placed ones can make your home look and feel marvelous. But keep in mind that there’s a limit. You really don’t want your home to remind guests of tropical jungles. Nonetheless, adding a small number of them can be very tasteful.

It’s a shame that trends keep changing all the time, because we may fall in love with one thing and soon find out that it’s not stylish anymore. If you like the trends mentioned above, you should know they are not that recommendable, at least not if you like to be in.

However, you can always find something new and interesting and replace the outdated option. Luckily, new trends can look pretty amazing as well, if not even better, and the best thing is that everyone can find what matches their taste.

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