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Office culture is no longer one size fits all and companies are realizing that employees are looking for balanced work life. A huge part of this is creating a space that invites employees to be productive and relaxed. An office put together with a well thought out and experienced design eye can not only impress but boost employee morale as people are drawn to new and innovative design spaces.

Is this task for anyone in your company or should you pay extra and hire a professional to get the job done? We explore the various reason why you need a professional to design your office space.

Save Time and Money

The initial thought is that the designer fee is an additional cost that can be avoided. Any interior designer worth their salt will not only save you time but money as well by making strategic choices and avoiding rookie design purchases. A professional won’t have to experiment as much and their experience will cut down on errors and overall time spent on the project. An added bonus is that you get to focus on business while the office gets a facelift.

High-Quality Materials

Any professional designer will know which materials are needed for the job with long-standing contacts in place to deliver these finished products and raw materials. This avoids the use of cheap and unreliable materials that are likely to wear down faster over time.

Maximizing Space

Interior design professionals are well trained to use the space available to them efficiently. If done by a professional space will be designed in a way that encourages productivity while not compromising on the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

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A Vision Brought to life

Redesigning your office space can be overwhelming especially if you’re unable to picture the end result. Hiring a professional gives you access to design software that can provide you with a mock-up of what the final product will look like. This gives you the option to tweak your choices until you’re happy without any hassle.

Sticking to the budget

Part of an interior designers’ job is staying disciplined and respecting the client’s budget. This may seem like a no brainer but how many times have you gone over budget when out shopping…? Company funds will only have a certain allocation for this job and that needs to be respected.

Space for growth

A professional will implement long term planning by considering the space and resources the business will need annually. Typically, you should account for an extra 10% office space to allow for growth over a few years.

Designing beyond the workspace

The main focus will be on the areas that are used for work and productivity. Interior designers understand that common and entertainment areas are crucial too. Planning and updating common areas can make employees feel valued which will boost creativity, productivity, and instill a sense of pride.

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Shopping around

A professional interior designer will speak to various contractors, suppliers, and vendors to source suitable products and materials for space. Not only to nail the design brief but also to get the best price and value for money.

Speaking to all parties involved

An interior design professional cannot work in isolation. Typically, this person will speak to management and those ‘on the ground’ to gain insight into the workspace and how it is used. This will pay off as employees react positively when their opinions are respected and will translate into space as it is designed with the staff and their needs in mind.

Impress your clients

When clients come to your office for a meeting, they can learn a lot about your business based on how the workspace looks. If things are chaotic or disorganized, they can easily get the impression that you won’t be able to keep up with their needs. If it does not line up with your company’s brand, clients might think you don’t yet have a clear vision for how your company should look and feel. The great design avoids these problems and ensures clients’ first impressions are positive.

Create a positive company culture

Workspace design has the power to improve company culture and morale. A dedicated lunch space can make a significant impact. This encourages people to eat away from their desks, taking breaks to clear their minds and refresh their creativity. In addition, it gives people an opportunity to socialize and communicate, improving employee bonds, and creating a stronger network within the company.

Furniture knowledge

The amount of time a layman will spend researching the appropriate office furniture will be cut down to less than nothing with the help of a professional. Their job is to keep their finger on the pulse of all things interior design which includes furniture such as desks, lamps, rugs, paintings, and ergonomic office chairs.

If your office is in need of a fresh look, save yourself time and money by hiring a professional in your area to take on the job.

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