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Eventually, it’s time to invest in new furniture. If you are replacing the existing one or looking to buy chairs for your home office, there are considerations that you should not miss. The right chair can improve productivity, minimize health issues, and make you feel happy while at work.

At times it might get challenging to choose an excellent office chair that doesn’t break your bank and gives you all the convenience as well. What we may not realize is that the chairs coexist cohesively with other elements of your office and there are certain things to watch out for to bring in productivity.

Therefore, before you loosen your purse strings, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Knowing about these common stereotypes will help you avoid committing any mistake while choosing chairs for your home office.

Focusing on aesthetics and price instead of quality

It is alright to get carried away with the looks or a discounted pricing while out for shopping. However, for office chairs, it is better to avoid this tendency. While buying chairs to create a modern home office space, you have to get it right. Usually, the low-price furniture will prove to be costly in the long run.

It is not to say that pricing and looks do not matter, but comfort needs to be the top priority for you. The ergonomics, for instance in the Hon Ignition 2.0 chairs is what you need for your home office.

Choosing chairs without wheels

Traditional office chairs with fixed legs are often a popular choice. However, you have to prefer the ones with rolling legs or wheels. You need to understand that you will move around your seat or turn around to access equipment or documents while working and completing your task. In such a scenario, it is often irritating to be using a chair with fixed legs.

When you choose a chair with rolling legs at the bottom, you can move quickly around your workstation. Ideally, the ones with the fixed legs are more suitable for the reception or the waiting area.

Evaluating the actual cost of ownership

At your home office chair, you will be spending anywhere between 6- 8 hours or more every day. You have not only to consider the upfront listed price of the furniture but also the correct cost of ownership. Apart from taxes, handling, assembly, and installation, the recurring requirements related to fabric change or any other repair is also to be considered.

Be sure to review all these aspects, especially the warranty terms and conditions as provided by the manufacturer. Try to know upfront exactly what is covered and for how.

Ignoring your specific needs

If you believe that every office chair will do, then you are wrong. You have your particular requirements, and a perfect chair will give you more control and power in your workplace to concentrate on tasks at hand and deliver more productivity.

A home office is a personal space for completing specific tasks every single day. By picking a chair that is specific to your requirements will make for work from home stint more enjoyable and productive.

Therefore, you should consider factors like height, age, or medical condition if any while choosing a chair. An office chair that works well for your colleague or friend may not be comfortable for you at all.

Being in a hurry to purchase

Yes, plan you must and plans will never fail you. Give a reasonable amount of time in assessing your purpose and requirements. Never be impulsive in your approach; else you will be buying the wrong office chair that you may regret later.

Your chair should meet all ergonomic standards, encourage movement around your workstation, provide ample support to your back and neck. It should fit the right posture that you should have while working for long hours.

Plan in advance about your needs, comfort, and office aesthetics as well. After all, your home office chair should look and feel good as well.


The five most common stereotypes are the ones that will help you make a wise choice for your home office chair. The more thoughts you put into choosing your office chair, the better it will be for your workplace productivity.

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