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In the busy schedule of today’s world, have we ever decided to research air purifiers? Many of us these days feel busier than ever, multitasking on our phones and computers as we rush from home to work to friends to bed—then do it all over again the next day. And no one has the time to think about the air we are breathing in. But the environment, we are living in plays an important role in our mental and physical health.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

An air purifier promises to cleanse the air in your home, it helps in getting rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander. It’s a fact that indoor air can have levels of certain pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor air, especially if you live in an area affected by pollution, or natural disasters.

An air purifier’s filter and fan do their job together and push clean air out. The polluted air in the room passes through the air purifier, where the filters trap all the dust, pollutants, and other harmful elements. And the environment gets clean and fresh once the air is re-released into the room.

A great air purifier can really improve your life as it reduces allergens like pollen and mold spores and protects against wildfire smoke and other kinds of smoke. But in order to qualify in best, an air purifier needs to be capable enough to clean the air in a large area such as a living room or playroom, quiet and dark enough for you to sleep near it in a bedroom

Here, we have selected 06 best air purifiers for a healthy home:

According to the specifications and functions following are the 6 most efficient and effective Air Disinfection Purifiers


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IQAir improves their air purifier to a level no ordinary air purifier could reach. To see how powerful IQAir’s air filters are, we could watch the promotion ads of IQAir’s president – Frank Hammes stepped into a smoke chamber with only one IQAir air purifier beside. Honest review, for a full set of air filtration, this air purifier is worth every buck you spend.

IQAir is not just full of big tower air purifiers, their portable air purifiers are also good. The IQAir Atem is a personal air purifier that cleans the air zone around you only. Many people have good experience with Atem as it is worth the investment.

Blueair Pure 311

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Blueair is a brand with enough air purifiers to satisfy all budgets you can afford. You can choose from the low-range portable Blue Pure to the expensive model of Blueair Pro XL. This air purifier brand is truly popular in countries with high pollution-level degrees, for example, China or India.

The Blueair Pure 311 Auto is similar in capabilities to the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty and the two Winix models. It reduced smoke levels by 99.9% in 30 minutes on high and by 94.2% on medium. Its auto function, which Blueair introduced to the Blue Pure line-up in late 2020, monitors your room’s air quality and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. And it has other features we like, including notably quiet performance, terrific energy efficiency, and a control panel that automatically dims after you adjust the settings.

Elechomes EPI081

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The Elechomes EPI081 is a small air filter, designed to be placed on a desk or a dresser. It’s only 9.3 inches tall, with a square shape and rounded corners. It measures 6.3 inches on each side, so it’s small enough to fit on a relatively small surface. For the size, it’s lightweight, tipping the scales at 3.4 pounds. The outer shell is constructed from white ABS plastic, which matches many modern electronics

Inside the EPI081, you’ll find a 3-stage filter. Air is drawn from the outside to the inside, then expelled through the top of the unit. The outer pre-filter is constructed from a heavy mesh weave, which catches large particles like pet hair. This will keep the inner filters from getting clogged. It also enables you to clean the outer filter by hand if need be. For instance, if your cat is shedding, you may want to clean away large hairs to extend your filter life.

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Coway Airmega AP-1512HH

The iconic product of this brand – Coway AP-1512HH is by far one of the best air purifiers you could get in the market. There are many tests from hundreds of air purifiers from Breath Quality or The Wire Cutter that proved that Coway AP-1512HH is the overall best air purifier for the low-range level in 2021.

Since 1989, Coway is always a trusted Korean brand, ranked No. 1 in brand value growth at Interbrand’s Best Korea Brands 2016. They even have a new brand just for the air purifier industry – AIRMEGA. Overall, the products of this Korean brand can satisfy even the most difficult customer in other regions. You could expect high quality in both design and power of Coway air purifiers.

Levoit Air Purifiers

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If you need an air purifier, you may want to know the current Best Seller in 2021 in the market, right? Then Levoit will be your best bet if you’ve spent countless times searching on Amazon. Both of their air purifiers are under the low-range budget, which explains most of their popularity.

Levoit is headquartered in Southern California but spreads globally into Germany, Japan, and China. They are dedicated to air purification careers, from air purifiers to humidifiers and salt lamps. Their LV-H132 is the Amazon #1 Best Seller, which is the portable and low budget for everyone.

Wallis Air Disinfection Purifiers

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Wallis Air disinfection purifiers are excellent for use in the home, school, office, and business. Air and surface disinfection machine eradicates 99.9% of bacterial organisms. The purification unit expels a small flow of air loaded with hydroxyl radicals that expand through the room and oxidize the harmful elements. The Wellisair device works without a filter. The emission of hydroxyl radicals encourages them to act directly on the polluting particles, making it effective on particles smaller than 0.1 microns. Wellisair devices do not require special maintenance.

Once the indicator lights up, the peroxide cartridge must be replaced, which makes the emission of hydroxyl radicals possible. Wellisair inactivates and eliminates bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, allergens, fungi, mold, tobacco smoke, and bad odors.

Things to Consider Before Getting Air Purifiers

When buying an air purifier, it’s crucial to check certain factors such as its HEPA filtration and ACH ratings. HEPA filters remove tiny particles from dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and more from the air. Thin glass fibers are randomly arranged into a dense, paper-like material that is folded into pleats to create the filter.

As air particles pass through these filters, pollutants are trapped in the fibers. Then, as larger particles stick to the filter, they keep other smaller particles from passing through. A HEPA filter can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. For reference, the smallest thing the human eye can see is 25 microns, and a strand of hair is between 17 and 180 microns in diameter.

This machine is made to be portable and easy to move between rooms. It’s quieter than some of its competitors but still delivers great filtration.


It would be typical if someone’s still wondering that air purifiers are a waste of money because they are worth it

As they purify the environment and remove toxic microorganisms from it and relieve symptoms of Asthma and other breathing problems, they eliminate harmful chemicals from indoor, neutralize unpleasant odors, reduce the chances of airborne diseases, improve sleep, and can increase life expectancy.

Hopefully, after this overview, you would agree that Air Purifier is a convenient investment.

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