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For two years running, the city of Buckeye has held the title of the fastest-growing American city. Despite its appealing reputation, Buckeye’s cost of living is only 4% above the country average. This renders the city a desirable place for families to live. The city has an average house value of around $470,000.

There are many homes for sale in Buckeye with no HOA, and they are very popular among buyers who don’t want to deal with nosy, controlling, strict Associations.

A committee of elected people, known as an Houseowner’s Association, makes rules for the properties and people living in a particular community. These neighborhoods may consist of single-family residences in a small, exclusive gated neighborhood, a condo building, a housing development, or a townhouse neighborhood.

Often, owners’ organizations are designed to manage building maintenance and community governance, ensuring that the area is safe, clean, appealing, and well-run.

Benefits Of Properties Without An HOA:

The HOA’s objectives and benefits sound fantastic, yet many people consider HOAs to be overly restrictive and intrusive. Here are a few benefits of opting to buy a property without the restrictive by-laws of an owner’s association.

You Get To Decide Every Aspect Of Your Property:

Having a group manage a Buckeye property’s maintenance may sound fantastic. However, in actuality, it might cause more nuisance than good. Additionally, it can be cumbersome to work with HOAs. Moreover, you must pay the price and submit to the authority of your elective neighbors, who may have made regulations you may not have agreed to.

When you opt for properties in Buckeye that do not fall under the purview of any neighborhood association, you are free to decide every aspect of the property without needing any committee’s approval and permission. This also allows you to move faster, spend less and get your work done more quickly.

One Less Monthly Bill:

What price would you expect to pay to have your neighbors decide what you should or should not do with a piece of real estate you own? HOA dues can range widely, but it’s not unusual for them to cost between $300 and $500 monthly in Buckeye.

HOA dues must be paid on a monthly basis. This entails effectively paying the HOA to undertake tasks that you may not require them to complete, such as mowing the lawn and dictating the color of your property’s mailbox.

Therefore, when you invest in one of the many homes for sale in Buckeye with no HOA, you save close to $3000 annually. You can use this money to enhance your property the way you envision it rather than what a committee enforces upon you.

Final Thoughts:
If you are an individual who does not like a committee controlling your Buckeye residential property’s aspects, then prefer a house without HOA when considering your next real estate investment.

A reputed real estate agent in Buckeye can guide you and showcase many such properties that would be ideal for you. They will also be able to show you houses that match your other criteria, regardless of their number and nature of them.

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