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Designing the perfect outdoor space for your home can be a complicated and difficult home improvement project, but it is a great way to create an inviting area to use for parties or simply to enjoy nature.

You may have already pulled some inspiration from home design experts or other outdoor lounge areas that you’ve seen firsthand, but you should develop a cohesive plan for the entire space to make sure that you construct the exact atmosphere you’re looking to capture.

Try out these home design tips before drawing up the plans for your outdoor lounge area and then browse some beautiful outdoor furniture to discover your dream decor.

Consider the Size of Your Outdoor Space

Before you can begin purchasing items for your outdoor lounge area, you need to consider how much space you have to work with. If you’re remodeling a small balcony area, you may have less flexibility with the types of furniture and other items you can include because the area is much smaller.

For a large back patio, you have much more room, so you may want to consider additional features you can add like an outdoor grill or kitchen area.

For those looking to add a back patio, you’ll need to determine exactly how big you want the space to be. Keep in mind what types of furnishings, gadgets, and decorations you may want to use to ensure that you’ll have enough room for everything.

It can be easy to underestimate the size of your patio, so consult an expert before making a final decision. You should also consider how you want the outdoor lounge space to be used before drawing up plans. Areas intended for group gatherings will vary greatly from private outdoor lounge space.

Determine the Area’s Purpose

Another important factor when designing your outdoor living space is the purpose. What do you envision the area being used for the most? If you’re looking for an area to host parties and get-togethers, you’ll want a larger area with plenty of seating room and different spots where people can relax.

For balconies or more private outdoor spaces, you may want to keep the decor simple or incorporate features that encapsulate the feel of the area. For example, if you’re looking to create a relaxing private balcony, you may want a small table where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a hammock as a relaxing reading spot.

Select a Color Scheme or Pattern

private outdoor spaces

The key to creating a comprehensive outdoor lounge space is in the theme of the area. Bright colors work well for party areas, or you may want to consider taking inspiration from the decor inside your home. Select a dominant color or pattern and work off this design. If you choose to add a patterned outdoor couch or chairs, stick with this pattern’s color scheme for your other furniture but avoid using too many patterns or bright colors as it may make the decor overwhelming.

Make the Outdoor Space an Extension of the Inside

The coziest outdoor spaces are ones that feel as though you’ve just discovered a new part of the house. Try to create a sense of connection between the inside of your home and the outdoor lounge area.

You’re more likely to use spaces that are easily accessible from inside, so try to place the main lounge area near the house’s entrance. If you’re planning an outdoor pool space, you may want to set up an area near the door where people can dry off or sit to close the distance between the pool area and the door.

Choose Your Outdoor Furniture Carefully

Once you’ve determined the theme of your outdoor lounge space, you need to find furnishings that will match the area’s purpose and desired style. Selecting outdoor furniture can be tricky because you want durable products that won’t be damaged when exposed to the elements, but you also want decor that looks nice and provides you and your guests with a comfortable area to relax.

The most vital piece of furniture for a group area is the couch or seating arrangements. For large spaces, you should include a couch and individual chairs to offer plenty of room for lounging.

While many people opt to purchase an outdoor couch with cushions, this can be tedious because you will need to bring the cushions inside often to avoid getting them soaked.

If you don’t want the responsibility of carrying your furniture in and out every day, you should seek out a durable outdoor couch that can withstand the weather without needing much maintenance.

Add a Grill for Outdoor Parties

No backyard hangout or pool area would be complete without a grill. This outdoor item is the heart of every cookout and allows the host to enjoy the outdoors with their guests while cooking classic barbecue items like hot dogs, hamburgers or kabobs.

When you’re not entertaining, you can take advantage of your outdoor grill to make the perfect steak to be enjoyed on your back patio. For these large entertaining areas, don’t forget to add a convenient place where people can sit and eat.

Though couches with coffee tables are an option for dining, adding a formal table allows people more room to sit and is perfect for large outdoor dinner parties.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor Fireplace

Use your outdoor lounge space year-round by adding a gorgeous outdoor fire pit or fireplace to warm up the area. Both pieces work as a central focus for the area, providing people with a place to gather and relax. Imagine yourself spending a crisp fall evening on the back patio with a warm fire crackling as you gaze at the stars.

Incorporate Plants and Landscaping into the Design

When designing an outdoor lounge area, draw inspiration from the surrounding greenery to give your space a natural vibe. Plan your landscaping around the area and incorporate plenty of flowers and plants amongst the gathering area itself.

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