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Having a pest issue in the house especially the attic area is becoming a common problem these days. Don’t wait for the worst to happen and finding big rats in the attic will be the extent of this problem.

If you think that few ants in the house are not such a huge problem, then this is a delusion that will lead to long term pest issues in the house.

The attic has more chances of being possessed by these horrible creatures because it is usually deserted or is full of junk from the house such as broken furniture or toys.

Stuffing more useless things in the attic can be a disastrous plan because it gives the rodents freer area to lurk without being noticed.

Discussing the useful tips to make the attic a safe and useful space of the house besides professional:

1. Ensure nothing gets in from the gaps in doors

There are a thousand ways for the bugs, rodents, and insects to enter the house through an attic, but you need to be aware of all those means. They can enter from cracks in the walls, pipes. Gaps indoors and windows and many other hidden passages unknown for human beings. A lot of materials for the purpose of insulation are found in the market especially the injectable type which can cover up all the tiny creeks which you can’t reach with hands.

2. Use fiber screens to close up any open entryways

The chimneys and other ventilation holes in a house are the main entering points for bugs and insects especially the rodents. you need to place some kind of screen for the openings to be safe. Mostly we can use wire mesh screen but there are also other materials such as fiber and glass. The type of screens you use determine what level of protection is achieved from outer beings.

3. Trim the overgrown trees

The hanging branches that are approaching the attic windows and walls will bring all kinds of insects inside the house. You need to trim those branches to keep away from a potential source of pests. Also, make sure that you spray good quality natural pesticides on the trees so that they remain bug-free and safe from the harm posed by insects and toxic pesticide products.

4. Throw away the garbage in time

The severe situation may occur when you will need the professional attic insulation removal service. The most common cause is garbage consisting of food waste that is kept in the house for more than 12 hours. It starts to give out pungent odor and decay which is an attractive place for the rodents and insects. After having a dinner gathering on your garbage bin, they will run off to hide in a deserted attic.

5. Cleanliness is the fundamental strategy

You need to follow some basic cleaning rules for your house regularly so that life becomes safer for all the family. Sticky and unclean surfaces are a picnic spot for the rodents and roaches. They would love to run around and leave their germs and viruses in that section if the house.

pest issue

6. Damp places attract pests

Keep the house dry and well ventilated so that there is a less chance of rodents entering the attic.

7. Organize the attic

All the objects you throw haphazardly in the attic are going to be a pretty good hiding place for pests. Organizing things and keep it clean will easily show any insect activity.

8. Inspect all the crawl spaces

We usually have some home ventilation systems that are covered with thick insulation material. That covering can be a cozy home for most of the insects and rodents because they like to stay warm. Keep inspecting these components from time to times so that insects don’t start making colonies in there.

9. Use the lights they hate

Bugs that usually pass the walls beside you have availed the home attic insulation service are those that get attracted to the yellow lights used in the attic. You can use less yellowish and pinker shades of lights to reduce attracted bugs. They don’t like the blue colored lights and this can be a very cheap insect repellant for your attic.

10. Use DIY pest control products

We can use some interesting homemade cleaning products and pest repellants that will keep the unwanted guests out of the house by will. The number of items used for this purpose includes:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Vinegar
  • Borax powder
  • Onions
  • Cloves

If you know well how to use these ingredients for repelling bugs, then most of the difficulties are already over.

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