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Planning house parties can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. The organization will involve a lot of things like time, budget, handyman skills, invitations, decorations, and more often than not – your patio.

What makes for a good party and a great host? A fun day which people talk about even weeks thereafter! It’s when all your guests feel homey, comfortable, entertained, and not to mention, inspired by the tastefully collective setup. And you can turn all of these into fruition by turning your patio into an amazing area for entertaining.

Here are 10 small patio ideas you can add to get those overflowing compliments (like your drinks) throughout the party!

outside patio

1. Grills

Entertaining guests means plenty of cooking and for the most part, a lot of grilling! There’s something enticing about seeing someone at the helm and getting your food fresh from the grill. A built-in grill or a standing grill will suffice depending on your budget.

2. Brick Ovens

Brick ovens are not only a classic way of making pizza but also adds flavor to your pizza which your guests will surely enjoy! This is a fun way of integrating into your patio because how many patios with brick ovens have you been to? Not a lot, I suppose!

3. Bistro Tables

If you’re a bit skimped on space, bistro tables make for a cozy dining area for a small number of guests. Or think – folding patio tables. What about folding patio bar carts? Either way, these are great ideas for a small patio space.

4. Patio Umbrellas

If you’re being frugal but sensitive about your guests’ comfort especially under the summer heat, try to opt for patio umbrellas instead of pergolas! The best part about this is you can tow it away during the lull days or move it closer to the grill station if your guests want to chill with the chef!

5. Chaise Lounges

You can incorporate chaise lounges in a corner or basically in any area. Wherever you put these, you can be sure your guests will be more than invited to take a seat, and lounge with their cocktails in hand.

6. More Tables and Chairs

Once those drinks start overflowing, more glasses and loose items will be strewn everywhere. I personally don’t like carrying my purse at a party all night long. Put some end tables, side tables, ottomans, or pouf furniture in your patio. Your guests will definitely thank you for it!

7. Add Some Accessories

Your patio decoration will say a lot about you. Give a first good impression to your guests by adding beautiful accents like matching throw pillows, planters, or succulents. And when dusk comes and it’s time to bring the lights up, never forget those string lights, deck lights, gorgeous lanterns, picture frame and table lamps for that warm and cozy ambiance.

8. Outdoor Rugs

It’s very important to make use of every open area in your patio, especially in a cramped space. Cover these areas with outdoor rugs and put a lot of layers on it. It will provide a good place to hang out if it’s a casual party with friends who enjoy sitting on the floor and they also offer kids a great “playing area”, giving the chairs to the adults.

9. Fire Pits or Tiki Torches

Never miss out on these amazing patio designs. These provide a great focal point for guests. You can install a space-saving fire pit in the middle of your patio so your guests can gather around and indulge in your creativity. Tiki torches in your pathways also add a splendid accent especially when the sun goes down. And if you power them with citronella oil, they can also act as mosquito repellents!

10. Tiki Bars

A party won’t be complete without drinks. Some of your guests will appreciate a resort feel while getting intoxicated with delicious beverages. And thanks to tiki bars, you can now have your guests chit-chatting friendly conversations in those standing bars or on bar stools! Although a traditional cooler will suffice, there’s nothing more hyped up than having someone man the bar to make sure everybody’s getting their alcoholic fix!

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