Anyone who loves seeing a clear line between their lawn and the driveway, patio, or walkway will appreciate having a lawn edger. The image of the grass or other trailing plants creeping into the driveway is even painful to imagine. If you feel that something has to be done about your garden’s edge, you have come to the right place.

We explain to you what a lawn edger is, how it works, and the joy it will bring to your life. Sitting on your patio, enjoying your cold beer and win money free in an online game will go undisturbed. All you will see is a beautiful, immaculately fringed garden — pure bliss, no wagering.

What Is a Lawn Edger?

A lawn edger is a piece of gardening equipment that is used in the grooming of your garden. Many might argue that having a hoe, slasher, and lawnmower might do, but you are highly mistaken. These three cut the grass to a set level and even weed out the unwanted plants but do not do a clean job on the banks. And that is where a lawn edger comes in. It is run at the ends of the terrace, where the walkway meets the grass carpet. What is left behind is a clean line of dirt that looks very appealing to the eye.

If your next question was how to use a lawn edger, we just answered it.

Types of Lawn Edgers

There are ideally two generalized types that are further divided into several others. The two classes are manual and motorized lawn edgers.

Manual Lawn Edgers

These have no engine; hence no power input is involved. They are operated by hand and are manually used. There are:

  • Spade based
  • Hand shears
  • Roller based

Motorized Lawn Edgers

These lawn edgers have an engine system with power input. A powered lawn edger could also be an electric lawn edger, one that uses fuel or gas. Regardless, both types are further divided into:

  • String trimmers
  • Single-wheeled designs
  • Multi-wheeled designs

Each of these has its advantages over the other. For example, the string trimmers are more efficient for making angular edges and are a better option when making way around objects such as rocks. A gas-powered lawn edger cuts better through dense grass and weeds, but it makes a lot of noise. A lawn edger with electric start can be corded or not. The one without a cord is run on a battery.

The modern designs sometimes come as a lawn trimmer and edger, which means it does more work in one go.

Benefits of Having a Lawn Edger

The first benefit you will enjoy is that you will have a well-defined garden boundary. With this, you will not need to add on a fence, which might cost you extra. The thin lining of soil between your tarmac walkway and the vegetation serves as a very significant margin.

Easy Lawn Maintenance All Year Round

When you take up the activity to edge-out your vegetation every once in a while, it becomes manageable in the long run. Habit is second nature, and hence you will be doing it effortlessly. None of the vegetation will have time to overgrow since you are keeping it in place.

It Is Cheaper

Indeed the initial investment of the lawn edger might be expensive, but in the long run, you will save a lot. The manual device does not use power, and the electric ones use a significantly low voltage, barely noticeable.
If you do the edging yourself, you will save on hiring a professional. But take caution, if you do not know how to operate one, ask for help so that you learn. These machines can be hazardous if they are not well handled.

Taking Care of Your Lawn Edger

Taking care of your lawn edger and any other gardening tool is very simple. You do the following;

  • Clean the parts after every use
  • Sharpen the blades every once in a while
  • Store appropriately
  • Repair any loose or broken parts


A Homebase lawn edger might be what you need if the grass is leaning into the road. Trimming them is an option, but the edger will give you clean results. They are then, for sure, a worthy addition to your gardening appliances. Well, if you have more info you would like to share with us on lawn edgers, don’t hold back, we are open to new information.

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