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Being a new homeowner has its joys and responsibilities!

After you’ve moved into your own house, you will be fully accountable for its well-being and maintenance.

What’s the real upside?

No need to call-in professionals every time your home demands small repairs. You can fix common issues yourself if you have essential tools at hand. That way, you will be your jack-of-all-trades!

Likewise, if your pride and joy reside in your garden, you know you need to own the right kind of gardening tools!

This list comprises basic, must-have tools that can handle any issue that arises at your garden and home.

Here are few secrets to finding world-class tools for your home and garden quickly:

1. “Must-Have” Gardening Shovel

Gardening Shovel

Every Gardener out there needs to have a Shovel in their shed. Angled blade of the Shovel can move solid clay, packed soil and loads of rocks to clear the space!

Sharp blade and stealth jagged edge help it cut through it all. You can even dig plants out of the ground with a Shovel.

2. Manage Shrubs with Hand Pruners:

Hand PrunersLike to have a neat and tidy-looking garden? Then, you got to prune away dried, broken and dead branches.

Pruners are one of the essential gardening tools to chop off small woody twigs, deadhead flowers, trim stems, score, and slice root balls right before planting it.

Pruners help you manage overgrown plants and shrubs.

For heavy-duty manicuring or large gardens, you can opt for ratchet pruners.

3. Ditch Trowel and Get a Hori Hori:

Ditch Trowel

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the “Hori-Hori” tool, it’s a versatile combo of Knife and Trowel that can do various jobs.

Hori Hori can be used for digging, cutting and weeding, altogether! Instead of a trowel, you can use Hori Hori to plant bulbs.

The saw blade in the tool can cut roots and split small perennials. Hori Hori also has a pointed end to be used as a crevice tool.

4. Loppers for those stubborn Branches


Similar to pruners, Loppers are long-handled tools used to cut thick branches and trim crowded areas.

Sharper blade and long handle design are what gives it the leverage needed to cut thick branches, with 1” or more diameter.

Anvil-style loppers are ideal for cutting woody or dry growth.

5. Spade for all Edging Tasks!



Just like Shovel, Spade is another digging tool utilized for edging beds, scrape soil or mulch off the flat surfaces, cut roots and even slice turf precisely.

Spade has a squared-off, sharp flat blade that can even break ice off frozen sidewalks.

Spade and a Shovel are most important home garden tools, especially for those who own vegetable gardens!

6. Clean it Up with Garden Rake:

Garden Rake

Spring season? A Garden Rake comes to your rescue when you want to clean up fallen leaves of autumn.

It can also scratch off hard-packed soil to make it more porous. Turn it over and use the other side to level mulch or level soil right before seeding your lawn.

That was all about essential gardening tools, now let’s move on to must-have tools for all the homeowners out there:

7. Pliers Take Care of Stripping and Cutting


Different types of pliers are designed to serve different purposes.

Locking pliers are made to function as a versatile gripping tool. It also doubles as a welding clamp or wrench.

Needle-nose pliers will help you bend or grip wires and nails located in tight spaces. To handle larger valves and pipes, you can get channel-lock pliers. Whereas, Electrician’s pliers with a fine point are ideal for cutting and stripping wires.

Lastly, Tongue-and-groove pliers come handy for all crimping and fastening tasks.

8. “Build-It-Yourself-Furniture” with Allen Keys

Allen Keys

Hex Keys also called as “Allen Wrenches” are L-shaped wrenches that fit inside and drive bolts and screws having hexagonal sockets.

Mostly found in Furniture kit, Allen keys come handy to put up furniture together. But, it can also fix minor plumbing problems, like when you want to unjam garbage disposal.

9. Claw Hammer for Wall Decor

Claw Hammer

Clawhammer is probably one of the most important tools for new homeowners.

The flat side of the hammer can be used for pounding nails into tiles, walls or wood.

Whereas, the other side has a V-shaped notch to pull off nails from any surface, without damaging it.

10. Screwdriver Set to Handle Common Tasks

Screwdriver Set


Indeed, Manual screwdriver set is the most basic, must-have tool for every new homeowner!

It is a frequently used tool in most households- useful to assemble furniture, tighten knobs, remove light switch covers and so much more!

Get a set that has different types of screwdrivers- Slotted, Phillips, Flathead and so on for versatile use.

11. Cordless Drill: Rivaling Corded Drills

Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill is all about Portability, Speed and Power.

Just dial-in force setting and its clutch will automatically disconnect the drive mechanism. Thus, preventing the screw from stripping off.

With this portable tool, you can drive bolts into walls, or cut holes for door knobs and even tighten hinges.

12. Laser Level for Small Leveling Projects

Laser Level

Hate hanging shelves and mirrors at an angle? Laser Level makes sure everything is precisely straight.

It can produce a bright red cross, vertical or horizontal line so that you can hang objects at even intervals.

Carpenter’s level is ideal for bigger projects like leveling bookshelves or appliances.

Are you looking for the best rotary laser level? Laser Judge provides the best reviews on different types of laser levels.

13. Putty Knife to aid Painting Applications

Putty Knife

Whether you want to scrape off dry paint, fill cracks or apply caulk, a Putty Knife will help you greatly in various painting tasks.

14. Staple Gun for Quick Fastening

Staple Gun

Perfect for all your stapling needs, a Staple Gun can secure fabrics, restack carpets and even used to install insulation sheets.

Manual Staple Guns are one of the must-have tools for home, as they’re easy to use and way cheaper than electric staple guns.

15. Utility Knife: Your Impeccable Cutting Tool

Utility Knife

Whether you want to slice duct tapes, cut drywalls, break down boxes or sharpen carpenter pencils, Utility Knife comes handy around the home for various cutting jobs.

16. Measure it all with Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tape Measure

A digital tape measure makes it easier upon you to quickly record and convert measurements.

Most commonly, it comes with a memory function so that you can store measurements for later reference.

17. Safety Comes First!

Few safety items also count as essential tools for homeowners, as they will protect you from potential injuries in and around the home.

Whether for gardening or any other unsafe work, make sure you use Gloves to keep your hands clean and protected.

When you are working with drilling tools, glass or other such risky materials, use Goggles to protect your eyes from accidents.


Above given are few valuable secrets to finding world-class tools for your home and garden!

All the tools mentioned above come handy in and around the home, even for backyard gardening. Every homeowner can go through the given list and find most tools to be an absolute necessity for their home and garden.

These tools can be used to maintain, build and even repair the mechanical world that surrounds you!

With these 17 Essential Tools for Homeowners, you’re all set for just about any task.


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