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Having a business is a dream come true. It takes a lot of investment, not just money but blood, sweat, and tears. As much as possible, you will do all things possible to keep it alive. However, you cannot predict things like fire or flood to happen. What you can do is take preventive measures in case it happens to you. This will also help you minimize the damage in your business.

As a new entrepreneur, you might seem hesitant to invest on these as you would rather spend your capital on much more pressing necessities. However, you need to realize the importance of protecting your business from force mature even if you think these things will never happen to you. As cliche as this may sound, better late than never.

In this article, you will learn about one way to protect your business from fire through sprinkler systems. Specifically, you will know why new entrepreneurs, such as yourself, need to invest in sprinkler systems.

All about Sprinkler Systems

sprinkler system

But before anything else, let’s learn more about sprinkler systems. Unfortunately, millions of lives and properties are lost due to fire damage in different places all around the world.

A commercial property fire can endanger many lives such as those of the employees and customers. Moreover, it also threatens business assets and the ability to keep the business running.

Thus, it is nothing but important for all business, especially new ones, to invest in fire safety management hazards such as sprinkler systems.

Advantages of fire sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems are created to automatically function in the event of a fire. This will come in handy when a human intervention takes a significant delay or is unavailable. These are the advantages of having a fire sprinkler system installed in your business.

  • As mentioned beforehand, a fire sprinkler system is triggered automatically so it can respond at all times. This way, fire control is quick and convenient.
  • Some sprinkler systems contain a so-called “water flow gong alarms”. These alarms will alert the concerned authorities about a developing fire inside a business establishment.
    Sprinklers are specifically designed to put out the fire immediately at its inception. This way, there is less heat and smoke generated.
  • A well-designed sprinkler system is also designed to control the fire so that there will be less damage for in your property. It acts by localizing the damage in your business.
  • Having a sprinkler system will definitely give you a peace of mind because your staff and customers are in less danger. This is because you are sure that your sprinkler system is doing its job by keeping fire smoke in check. Plus, the people will have this as the first line of defense while the firemen are on their way.
  • Sprinkler systems cannot only protect your business from a possible fire to happen but it also reduces the risk of intrusion in your property.
  • Last but definitely not the least, sprinkler systems are supposed to use much less water than hydrants, hydraulic hose reels or the fire brigade. Talk about protecting your property and saving the environment at the same time.

Things You Must Know About Sprinklers

sprinkler system

Now that we have established the many benefits of investing in a sprinkler system, it is time to know about the things you must know about your very first sprinkler system. For new entrepreneurs, this is an entirely new territory for you. But fret not because we are here to help. Consider this your go-to checklist for tips and tricks you must learn about sprinkler systems.

  • Pressure is very important in sprinkler systems. The higher the water pressure in your sprinkler, the better. Just think of that as taking a show. Of course, no one likes to shower with just a small amount of water coming from the shower head, right? It’s not just enough. Thus, make sure that your sprinkler has regulations to maximize its efficiency. Ask about markings on your sprinkler heads that allow you to know that you are not overpowering your pumps.
  • It is important to note that not all sprinkler systems are designed the same for every establishment. Make sure to contact the sprinkler contractor and make sure that the system installed in your building will be able to cater to your needs. If not, it may do your more harm than good because your property is not properly protected.
  • Sprinkler systems need a maximum of 18 inches of sprinkler head clearance below. This is to ensure that the sprinkler will be able to take care of the fire before the firefighters arrive. This is vital because this will determine how much damage will be incurred by your property during the fire inception.
  • Every time you notice a damage in the sprinkler head, have it checked right away. Damaged sprinkler systems tend to not activate when a fire happens. Of course, you do not want this to happen. Maintenance is very important, so always be mindful, observant and careful.
  • Cost is going to be a very big consideration. For new businesses, this is a very big deal. Try to get your hands on some discounts from stores and contractors. Take your time to research where you can get the best deal for your money without sacrificing quality.
  • When choosing a sprinkler system provider, make sure to go for the one that has a good reputation among other businesses and in your area. Ask around about the types of sprinklers they have installed in the past, how they deal with customer service and how they provide maintenance.
  • Finally, it is best to consult with the fire authority as well so you can plan out what type of sprinkler system is best for because, again, not all sprinkler systems are created equally.

Final Thoughts

Basically, what we are trying to tell you is that as a new business owner, investing in a sprinkler system should be on your top priority. Moreover, if you are in California, check out for top-quality sprinkler installation, as well as servicing and repair of fire sprinkler systems.

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