lighting in your garden

When the night sky filled with star wraps your garden the sight is a blissful treat to sore eyes. With the summer sneaking up spending time outside among the beautiful flowers, fresh leaves and the sound of birds feels like a dream.

While the daylight is glorious enough to let you enjoy as the evening falls lighting up your garden is rich colors can be amazing. The right lights, the warm summer breeze, and some snack to munch upon could make it a lovely entertainment space in your house.

These lights can help you utilize your garden and enjoy the space well. So, here are some simple ways you can add lights to your garden and make it even more beautiful.


1. Light up with Lanterns

Lanterns are a classy, portable lighting option you can add to your gardens. Lanterns help set subtle and calm lighting to your garden space.

They are available today is beautiful styles and colors that can be matched with your garden décor. You can choose between LED lighting options or candles. Stringed lanterns can be used together to bring lots of light into the garden and brighten up the place.

You can also go for a simpler design such as using lanterns on courtyards tables for dinner lighting to make it more romantic. Lanterns can also be used for path lighting by placing on the sides of your walking path to add a beautiful touch to your garden.

Explore lanterns made of recycled materials, plastic sheets, glass with colors and patterns in them. This way they also decorate the garden in daylight and make it look pretty.

Orbs and Spheres

2. Orbs and Spheres:

For a more dramatic lighting effect for your gardens, you can go for beautiful orbs and globes. They are an amazing choice for lighting up your backyards or gardens in soft lighting.

You can string them and use them around the space or cluster them to form shapes and utilize them in one area.

Orbs and shapers also come with beautiful colors or painted in beautiful patterns that can add colors to your garden.

These are the best lighting choice if you have a dining space or lawn furniture set up for enjoying a warm summer evening.

pendant lights

3. Presenting the pendant lights:

You can introduce a festive feel to your gardens or a rich party like vibe to it by using beautiful pendant lights. Outdoor pendant lighting is elegant and mystical like chandeliers for indoors and can add a graceful light to your garden.

If you have a dedicated dining area or garden with statues, water bodies, Japanese gardens such pendant lighting can add beauty to it. Pendant lights of various styles and types are available.

There are a few recycled options also available that can be a green choice for your garden. You can pick out majestic centerpiece style of pendants for a large dining set up in your garden or go for modern designs and cuts that add a stylish and fun look to the décor.

Garden wall lighting

4. Garden wall lighting:

If you have walls or vertical spaces surrounding your garden then adding lighting to them can make a visually appealing space. Small wall mount lighting such as disc lights, squares, swivels, spotlights can be utilized well in these spaces.

LED lights are the best choice to use here as they have a longer life cycle and also consume less power. Halogen bulb based lighting is yet another idea for the same.

Wall lighting can be used around portico furniture, dining areas, pools which make the place aesthetically pleasing. There are various styles and options for wall lighting available that can be placed well to create a dramatic pathway and garden.


5. Highlight your Plants:

While the gorgeous colors of your plants bring life to your gardens in daylight, lighting can help you bring energy and life to your garden in the night. Decorate your garden with tall plants highlighted with focus lighting.

There are two kinds of lighting you can try that can work great for your plants. You can either go for uplighting where you place the light below the pot and direct it towards the plant upwards.

The effect will embrace the area well and add a stylish décor to your garden. You can also choose LED strips for the areas around your plants.

Focus lighting through bulk lights is also a great idea if you have huge features in your garden. You can also use big spotlights below trees to cast shadows that create a sexy look at night.

light strings

6. Line up some light strings:

Strings of an LED of festive lights is one of the simplest and colorful ways of utilizing lighting in your garden. You can use chains of these strings to cover the area of your garden on the sides, above or even hang them on tree branches.

These lights are very simple to install and use and add a bright and colorful look to your garden. You can wrap them around trees, place them around your best garden features. This way you can highlight certain areas of your garden well using simple and small light fixtures.

Festoon lights can be used to create a canopy of lights and bring in the festive love and bliss easily. It can also be used above your seating area to make your garden dinners more special.

7. Deck up some deck light:

The deck and pathways to your garden are also spaces you can use for adding lights. Daisy chains of lights or warm tones of blue, yellow, green can be used well to emphasize the best features of your deck.

Floor lighting is the best choice in this case as it can also throw some light on the scrubs and plants on the sides. Floor lighting can also be used well for pathways to light them up.

Lighting your garden can help you create an amazing place to hang out as well as become a practical add on for keeping your place safe. You can light up your home with these simple garden lighting ideas and bring in the festive vibe any time you want.

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