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Every one of us dreams of a big house and a spacious backyard. But that dream backyard needs to have some purpose. In itself, it has no real value and its maintenance represents just another entry on a long list of chores you already have. So, if you are moving in and have all that space at disposal, do your best to find a way to organize it in some purposeful manner.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas that should help you along the way.

Classic landscaping

This would be the classic backyard that features a big, well-maintained lawn and a couple of trees to provide you a pleasant shade (and make a home to your hammock).

If you want to give the space a more social vibe, you can build a small fire pit and use tiles or gravel to carve out one of the sections into an affordable seating area.

All you need then is a small shed to provide additional storage space and you’ll get a small, well-used backyard that can evolve into whatever you want at a later point.

Backyard garden

Essentially, this idea describes a backyard where the only free space you’ll get at the end will be the walkways (in this case, rustic, almost fairytale-like tiling would be more than appropriate), and eventually some small lounging area.

The rest should be covered with lush threes, decorative hedges, and beautiful flowers. The more creative you get, the better. You can build a small bridge over your pond, use ground lighting, display vintage items, or do whatever your imagination tells you.

Small backyard idea

If you own a smallish backyard, you will be glad to know that you can do pretty much all of the things we’ve covered in the previous two examples. You’ll just need to better utilize the vertical space. Just browse the selection of indoor office plants and see which options work best for your yard.

Other popular cheats include huge pots that should serve as a stand-in for missing gardening areas and multipurpose pieces (e.g. benches with built-in planters) that help you to better utilize your limited space.

Backyard pool

The name says it all – just designate an area and make yourself that huge pool where you’ll spend your long, lazy summer afternoons.

The main consideration here is whether you are going to use a portable, prefabricated pool that can be dismantled at the end of the season or permanent construction. Of course, if you want to push this idea even further, you can build a tropical-themed covered area, where you’ll be able to enjoy your small bar and outdoor barbecue.

Sports-themed backyard

Are you tired of having to take a half-an-hour drive to the nearest court and wait even longer just so you can have a basketball game with your friends? Why wouldn’t you then simply build that precious piece of a ballpark in your backyard?

You’ll always have a place to let off some steam and your kids will get a chance to engage in a healthy physical activity on a daily basis. Of course, basketball was just an example. We could’ve just used soccer, volleyball, tennis or any other sport as well.

Do It Yourself Backyard

This is not so much a backyard concept as much as a means to an end but even so – all of the ideas you might have gotten by now will be made more affordable and much more interesting if you replace bland and expansive home depot items with genuine imagination.

This way, a broken cartwheel can become a beautiful planting area, old pallets can turn into cozy backyard furniture, and run-down barrels are transformed into colorful pots. All these DIY efforts give your backyard a pretty unique charm.


We hope these few mentions gave you some direction of how you can properly organize your backyard or even better, sparked some ideas of your own.

The most important thing we would like you to take out of this is that, regardless of the backyard’s size, you are sitting on a gold mine of creative opportunities just waiting to be explored. If you don’t exploit them, all you’ll get is just another chore you need to take care of with no good reason at all.

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