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Have you been pressing the buttons of your garage door remote, but the remote doesn’t seem to work? Or a dead wall switch might seem like the end of your garage door opener? Both issues do not require the assistance of a professional. Yes, you can easily fix these issues on your own.

If you think that your remote isn’t working, chances are that is needs new batteries or the remote transmitter is not in range. However, the batteries are fresh and you are in range, you could simply reprogram the remote.

Keep in mind that the garage door on your house is not a thing that you’ve always thought about, as long as it’s working without any problem, right? The only time you pay attention to it when something goes wrong.

But hiring the best garage door repair is not the only reliable option you have. Most of the time, the issue can easily be fixed on your own. So, why are you willing to hire a professional and pay him/her money, when you can easily do it on your own?

How To Diagnose And Fix Them?

Honestly, fixing the garage door on your own is not a big issue, this only implies, if you have the right tools, workforce, expertise and most importantly, you know what is wrong with the garage door. Diagnosing the issue is one of the most important things that you need to do prior to starting to fix them.

Below, we have outlined a few of the reasons why your garage door has stopped working or have started to malfunction along with solutions.

Batteries Of The Transmitter Are Dead

We all know that the door transmitter needs the power to work and if the batteries are dead, the transmitter will not be able to send signals to the garage door and thus, it will not open.

Changing the battery of the garage door transmitter is the most basic thing you’ll need to do. Make sure the plus and minus signs line up correctly. Otherwise, even new batteries will not work.

Photo Eye Is Out Of Alignment

The photo-eye is a sensor that detects whether something is in the path of the garage door when it closes or not. The photo-eye detector is a kind of a safety measure that prevents the closing of the door on someone or something causing damage or injury.

For this, you need to visually inspect the photo eyes. If the eye is dirty, you need to carefully clean them. Make sure not to scratch them, as the eyes are made up of glass.

The Track Is Out Of Alignment

One of the most serious issues is that the garage door track is out of alignment. Always remember that the garage door needs to run properly on the metal track in order for the door to move easily. The misalignment can be caused by gaps between the rollers, or rails.

To realign the track, you need to loosen the screws, hold the track to the frame, and then tap the track with a rubber hammer to move it back to its place.

There Is A Blockage In The Door’s Path

As we’ve mentioned above that if the alignment of the photo eye is messed up, the garage door will not close. But, after you’ve carefully cleaned the photo eye, you notice that the door closes partly and then goes back up. Well, this action is being triggered because of objects on the ground, such as garbage cans, toys, or even debris.

You need to carefully inspect that area and look for objects that might be blocking the photo eye sensors.

The Springs Are Worn Out

Let’s suppose that the transmitter is working properly, but still, the garage door won’t go up, chances are that the springs of your garage door are broken. When it comes to broken torsion spring repair, you need to hire a professional.

Working with broken springs can be very dangerous; this is why it is highly suggested that you hire an expert for it.

The Door Was Locked Manually

After you’ve completed your house renovation project, you’ve started to notice that the garage door doesn’t open but the motor keeps on running for a few seconds. Well, the garage door might have been locked manually.

Yes, garage doors come with manual locks too for added security reasons. Just turn the knob or the handle until you hear a clicking sound. Then move the bars away from the edge and secure the handles in the opening position.


If your garage door has started to make a lot of noise, it could be an indication that something is about to break. Before things get much worse, it is suggested that hire only best garage door repair however I can reduce your repairing cost.

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