An elegant and classic material from the centuries, marble is matchless and always keeps your home in style. Marble has never gone out-dated and still today used in leading trends for structure building. There are numerous architects who pick this material for their synthesis to create a whole new design.

Here, we are giving credit to new stone handling technologies that allow you to cut the marble in any shape and also blend it well with different materials.

Today there are numerous fields where marble became an absolute necessity for those who need to give a bit of class to their home and also to their office. Here’s how this elegant material creates difference:

Marble for floors

One of the most common uses of marble is flooring and tiling. Marble tiles, for instance, Calcutta or white Carrara, or statuario type ensure to give your space an impactful look. A one of a kind impact made by the veins that no other material but marble can offer.

The qualities of marble-like non-porous material make it ideal for the floor surfaces to avoid slippage, especially when old persons and kids are in the house. Also, the marble doesn’t hold stains for long and easy to clean. This makes it less maintained material in structural projects.

Marble for furnishing

Today, marble is hands-on material for structures. But numerous designers love to give wheels to their imagination by using marble material in other items: for example serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers, candle holders. Little marble gems that are recognized for the interior adornment of an apartment. Marble is also used as lamps. Joined with glass, plastic, or metal, marble is perfect to use for furnishing purposes.

Marble for decor

From the centuries, marble is used to make monuments whether they are small or big. Nowadays specialists turn to create some décor goods with the use of this material. Décor for your home or office made of marble looks classy.

In your home, you simply need to make a corner with marble tiles, or a wonderful marble work area, to give it a beautifully original look and clearly defined workspaces, without upsetting the harmony of the home.

The workspace, similar to the household one, additionally shows the taste and style of the individuals who possess it. This is the motive behind why utilizing marble to decorate and furnish your home or office is definitely a good option.

Marble for washrooms

One of the most customary uses of marble is in the washroom. Floors, divider tiles, washbasins, and in addition the bathtubs or Jacuzzis has been housed in these premises are a common use of marble. The beauty of this space is the square shapes that present the brilliance upon the final item. The solid surface of the material not only water-resistant but also make sure one does not slip over it. Perfect material for the house having children.

Marble for tables

Marble is a material that creates elegant table toppings for your dining room and office. Combining with the other materials like wood and metal, the designers create beautifully solid tables perfect for the individuals who like to adorn their place with luxurious looks. Also, the solid surface looks made of marble great on office tables and makes an impact on your visitors. Not only for tables but for benchtops, marble is widely used. But before using take note on the pros and cons of marble benchtops.

Marble for monuments and memorials

The great use of marble from history is its use in building monuments and memorials. A Taj Mahal – the perfect example of the use of white marble to create a marvelous look. Even today, many of the memorials are preferred to build up from marble only. The solid and long-lasting quality and the requirement of less maintenance make it ideal for these types of buildings and standalones.

Other uses of marble

In this tech era, the new advancement of technology permits us to play around with thoughts. Today the marble can cut into any shape and size which allows creating some different objects rather than structural build-ups. Decorative vases, flower pots, paper holders, jewelry beads are just examples of some innovative objects made of marble.

Apart from these, the fish tanks and even swimming pools are made of marble. The marble is in huge use these days. With its long-lasting quality, it is a money-saver material. You do not need to change it in a short time and the maintenance of the material is also less. The objects made of the marble give your house and office, a valuable look.

At last, marble is a material that adds class and elegancy in your space. The demand for material in modern days is huge just like in the past. Everyone who wants to add a luxury look in the house or office prefers to use marble of different shades and types. The variety available in this material also increases its uses in tiling, furnishing, and styling.

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