Installing Attractive Flooring

Taking care of the flooring in the home is one of the primary steps from the first phase of home renovation. There are endless possibilities to choose the looks, color tones, and the material in order to complement the whole ambiance of the design in the rooms.

The fact that you can choose laminate, hardwood, cork, bamboo, linoleum, tile, polished concrete, terrazzo, engineered wood, and any other type from the vast range of options can make you a bit nervous whether you are going to make the right choice. In order to help you out, follow these tips about how to make it look inviting and attractive.


One more note before we dive in the details – exceptional and quality flooring will serve you in the long years to come without it being damaged. Therefore, if you decide to sell your home at one point in time you can rest assured that the quality and attractive flooring will increase the value of your home.

Okay, now, let’s take a look at the tips.

Choose luxurious-looking flooring for living rooms or wide halls

For living rooms and wide halls opt for porcelain and ceramic tiles as they are not only glamorous but are also durable and most attention-capturing. Another great feature about this type of flooring is that it is scratch-resistant and moisture and spills can’t damage it. All you need is a mop to clean it. This means that it is easy to maintain and keep it sparkly clean. One disadvantage, though, is that it might crack or break if heavy things fall on it.

Of course, the price might be a bit of a problem as this type of flooring is not cheap; however, all the features that make it a great idea are totally worth the money you are to spend. If you are still doubting how everything will look like in real life, don’t look at examples on the net, call a virtual staging designer and have your living room staged with the type of flooring you like. You will see how the exact choice of flooring will look in your room and you will be able to visualize the look.

Choose laminate flooring to make the room trendy and classy

If you are in the mood for effortless trends and class, go for laminate flooring. It is durable, highly scratch, and dent resistant. It looks excellent in every room in the home and it comes in a huge diversity of styles and colors, making it one of the most often chosen by people. In addition, it doesn’t cost a lot and it is pretty much easy to install.

On the downside, it is as resistant to moisture as other types of flooring, but today’s laminate manufacturers find a way to improve the layers of its structure and they achieve it by making the base and wear layers from more durable and moisture resistant materials. Oh, and if you have pets in the house, this is the right flooring for you.

Choose concrete flooring to add the cafe look in your home

Concrete flooring is usually used in restaurants and coffee bars as it lasts a lifetime and it is easy to clean. So, if you want your home to have the industrial feel of the design, concrete flooring is a good idea. It is exceptionally trendy, however, you might also want to consider appropriate solutions for carpets since you can’t walk bare feet on that concrete, can you?

Choose bamboo flooring if you care for the planet

If you think you can do your part in saving the planet and use sustainable sources for everything you own, maybe you should consider investing in bamboo flooring. The durability is unmatchable, yet it largely depends on the quality of the bamboo trees used for production. Producers say that in order to achieve high-quality bamboo flooring, later-harvested bamboo should be used instead of young bamboo trees.

Another advantage is that it sits well with any kind of design, so you can experiment with different looks of the rooms in the home.

Choose vinyl flooring to bring resilience in the home

When it comes to 100% resistance to moisture and lasting a lifetime, you need vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is also available in an endless number of styles and colors, so you can easily choose the one that will match the rest of the room. Perhaps the great advantage of the vinyl flooring is that it makes the rooms more spacious and open.

To Sum Up

Choosing a type of flooring for your home, regardless of it being before starting to build a house, renovation, or fixing it to sell it should be done based on what you want to get from the flooring. For making the home a more attractive place choose the above-mentioned types and to be sure that it will fit in your home and interior design, consult a virtual designer who will give you living room staging ideas. Then, you can make a final decision based on the complete look of the room.

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