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Choosing how to decorate your home is an exciting and sometimes lengthy process. Whether you are adding some personality to new build home, taking charge of a renovation, or building your home from scratch, matching your decor with your flooring can be challenging.

The wide variety of wooden flooring available means that you and your neighbor could both have wooden floors but have established an entirely different aesthetic in your homes. This variety provides a new set of complications. How do you match your decor with your lovely new floors?

This post will provide some guidelines that will help you achieve your dream home interior in which your flooring perfectly accentuates your design choices and vice versa.

Dark Toned Flooring


Dark Toned Flooring

Dark toned flooring boasts a whole host of possibilities when it comes to choosing the aesthetic for your home. Many find dark flooring intimidating as it can be associated with creating spaces that appear overbearing and dark. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all! Dark-hued flooring pairs extremely well with light, calm colors such as whites, creams, and subdued greys. This palette of colors will allow you to create an open, uncluttered space while also allowing you to cultivate an air of cultured sophistication.

If you are trying to create a cozy, warm, safe space dark wood flooring might be ideal for you. Exposed brickwork or overhead beams complement dark wood flooring well and provide an atmosphere akin to that of a farmhouse. By combining exposed brick or wooden beams with dark wood floors and sleek contemporary furniture you can create a striking modern farmhouse aesthetic in your home.

Dark wood flooring also pairs exceptionally well with muted greens and purples. The use of calming natural colors can provide the impression of bringing the outside in. Leafy plants can provide a further welcoming touch to your interior design. Finding the right shade can be difficult so don’t be afraid to patch test the colors to help you find the perfect fit.

Light Toned Flooring

Light Toned Flooring

At the other end of the spectrum is light-toned flooring. As you might expect, light-toned flooring is complemented by light wall colors. Stick to colors such as cream, grey and taupe and you will be sure to establish your home as an oasis of calm. You may be thinking that white is missing from that list. White can be an excellent choice to partner with light floors however it is worth noting that bright white may make a room feel cold. To offset this and add some warmth to your white walls you can opt for an off white or one of the many varieties that bridge the gap between white and cream.

Light-toned floors can be paired with shabby chic or reclaimed wooden furniture to create a rustic feel in your home. On the other hand, if shabby chic is not your style light flooring can help with fashioning a room that feels decadent and luxurious. Choosing floor-length window dressings, chrome, silver or potentially crystal effect handles and accessories can work with light flooring to elevate a room.

The room does not have to be devoid of color or character. Do not be afraid to add bold splashes of color using accessories such as throws, cushions, and art. Placing these items strategically within the room can bring an aspect of vibrancy to any room. Stick to once accessory color at a time to avoid space a hectic feel. Remember, you can always change up your accessories and by extension the color in your rooms without any messy, time-consuming repainting.

Natural Toned Flooring

Natural Toned Flooring

Flooring with a natural wood finish provides ample opportunity to style your home exactly how you dreamed it to be. Natural wood floors offer a warmth not found in light or dark wood flooring, these warm hues can be your best friend when choosing the rest of your decor.

If you are also in the market for new furniture this may be the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement with your sofa. The addition of a colorful sofa can add a real flourish to a room with natural wood floors. You do not have to shy away from picking a bright or brilliant color as this can work well with the warm hues found in natural-toned flooring.

When it comes to choosing your wall color, natural-toned floors look fantastic with the light, calming colors discussed above. Selecting a cream or off white wall color will ensure your home looks bright and spacious while also proving an element of tranquillity, inviting relaxation.

If you prefer more color in your living space the versatility of natural-toned flooring will work to your advantage. While natural-toned floors work well with muted pale tones such as light blues and greys they also work exceedingly well with darker colors such as deep greens, oranges, and reds. It can be daunting to paint an entire room a more extravagant color so you may want to consider accent walls. This could provide a pop of color in any room that you can then interweave through the use of accessory pieces. Whatever your style, natural wood flooring provides a wealth of possible interior design options.


Decorating your home can be a process that feels like endless decisions that can leave you feeling lost in the vast sea of options available. Look for style inspiration before you start to ensure you have a clear vision of the look you wish to create within your home. Once you have a style in mind the path to your dream interior is less complex than you think.

At the wooden floor specialists, we understand that when it comes to decorating your home one of the biggest decisions will be choosing your flooring and wall colors. This guide has provided you with some insight as to how to successfully match your flooring to the rest of your decor. Keep your chosen aesthetic in mind throughout the process and don’t be afraid to add a splash of color! You will have achieved your dream home interior before you know it.

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