2019 bedroom ideas

“Does it spark joy?”

That’s a question that seems to be going around these days. And for a good reason! Decluttering appears to be the primary trend these days. In this info-crazed generation, people are now aiming for a bedroom that lets them think clearly and at peace. The goal is to make sure to remove things you don’t need and making your rooms as organized and spacey as possible. So with that, here are some contemporary bedroom ideas you can try to achieve this 2019:
Elevated Storage Beds

Some of you may remember having storage areas under your beds when you were kids. Well, it’s no longer just for kids! Storage beds let you create more space in your bedroom while allowing you to achieve your intended design with functionality. Besides, adults can own a lot of stuff too. Why should kids have all the fun? Adults need the extra space just as much, especially if they consider the design.

These types of beds are elevated with storage areas built under them. This can look like rows of drawers or sliding doors where you can easily store things that you may not need all the time. This is perfect for making the most out of your bedroom while achieving that modern look.

2019 bedroom ideas

Vintage Storage Trunks

If shifting to a storage bed isn’t an option, then maybe you can search through your grandparent’s place for this. Vintage style trunks are making a comeback in this time when people crave for order. Old chests can give your room the vintage feel while helping you sort out items that you don’t need that often. Things like old blankets, knits, linens or even big window curtains are good examples of items you can stow away in your trunk.

Most people also favor using them as bedside tables. More than achieving the vintage look, it can give your room a more luxurious feel.

Organized Mess

If you can’t take the mess out of your system, then at least arrange it. This is an excellent compromise for people who want to achieve the more “natural” looking atmosphere for the bedroom. Your mother may not approve of this method, but designers have called this a style to meet the modern millennial bedroom.

Elevated Shelves

You may have seen this fancy style of shelving going around Pinterest. Floating shelves are an excellent way of displaying your items, books or figurines in particular. It lets you have a more unobstructed view of your prized possessions so that you can avoid forgetting that you stashed them away in some old box.

One neat trick is to make the shelves have the same color as the wall behind them which can amplify the “floating” illusion. Other items you can place here are lamps, comic books or even your games. The possibilities are endless!

Minimalism – with a twist!

We go back to the main point of everything: minimalism. The lesser items, the better! Take note that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. You can get creative with your minimalist approach by placing one eye-catching detail. This could be a beautiful chandelier or an eye-catching centerpiece. Make sure these items pop out, giving your room character despite having a lot of breathing space.

Key Takeaway

Organizing your room or minimizing your mess: no matter how you want to go about it, people now see the importance of having a less cluttered bedroom. This trend became more of a necessity in the age of stressful information. And stress is already rampant in our world – it’s never a bad idea to take your bedroom out of this equation. Feel free to try these trends out and then share to the world the positive impact it gave you this 2019.

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