When it comes to home décor, we all want to make it appealing, not only for ourselves but also for any guests we welcome into our living space.

However, if there’s one room in your home which you decorate for our eyes only, it’s your bedroom. It’s your hideaway, your special place, one that’s supposed to create a feeling of warmth and serenity inside you, and one that should lull you into restful sleep even on the most stressful of days.

The décor of your living room should reflect the most intimate sides of your personality, which is why you should pay special attention to it.

Being mindful and thoughtful when choosing the colors, furniture, and accessories for your bedroom is crucial since it will determine what you open your eyes to in the morning and what you see last before you close your eyes in the evening. If you want to fall hopelessly in love with your bedroom, here are some ideas for its décor.

Set the mood with the right color

What you should probably start with when decorating your bedroom is the colors of the walls. No matter how vibrant your personality is or how playful you are, you should bear in mind that your bedroom is supposed to encourage you to unwind and to calm you down so that you can fall asleep easily.

This doesn’t mean that you should opt for a dull color or one you don’t find attractive at all. There are some wonderful soothing hues of lavender, green and blue which promote tranquility while making your bedroom inviting and interesting.

However, if you have a very bright favorite color which you’d like to make a part of your bedroom, you can always choose a toned-down version of that color and enjoy it daily.

Make statement pieces work for you

architecture bedroom

If you think your bedroom looks somewhat monotonous, you can fix that by introducing one or two extravagant or stylish pieces of furniture into it. A cute vintage dresser or an ornate mirror will make a huge difference and transform your room into an Insta-worthy place.

If getting new furniture is out of the question, you can always go for some lovely canvases. This is nowadays easier than ever since you can find some amazing artwork, which allows you to browse through what’s on offer easily. These art pieces usually come framed, in any color or theme you like, so all you have to do is hang them when they arrive.

The only thing that matters is that the statement pieces you get are the first thing to catch your eye when you step into the room and that they reflect your taste.

Let your bed serve more than one purpose

Being the centerpiece of nearly all bedrooms, your bed should be what your entire room décor revolves around, but it should also be very comfortable so that you can get plenty of uninterrupted sleep in it. Once you decide the style you want for your room, choose a bed that’s beautiful and with a quality mattress to support your body perfectly throughout the night.

Your bed can complement the rest of the furniture, or you can opt for an eclectic look by making your bed vintage and the rest of the room modern, or the other way around. During the day, your bed should be impeccably made, with luxurious sheets and thick, puffy pillows. You can get two or even three duvets for that extra lavish touch and have a bed which will simply pull you towards itself every night.

Create the perfect atmosphere with lights

bed light

The lights in your bedroom can be multifunctional. First of all, the fixtures you choose can add a touch of either subtlety or perhaps some drama to your bedroom décor.

On the other hand, wisely placed lights can accentuate just the right parts of your room and exactly those items you want to emphasize.

And let’s not forget that you need lights which can be dimmed and allow you to fall asleep quickly in the evening, but still bright enough to wake you up on a cloudy morning.

So, aside from the central lighting fixture on your ceiling, you might want to add one or two more on the wall above your bed and make sure that you can soften them to achieve the perfect atmosphere for any time of the day.

They can be useful if you’re a keen reader as well since they can allow you to read in bed. If you don’t want to install any additional light fixtures, you can always get a stylish lamp and put it on your nightstand.

If you don’t like your bedroom, you’ll fall asleep with a feeling of discontent or even disappointment every evening. Instead, turn your bedroom into the safe haven of your dreams and let it make you happy every time you enter it.

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