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Being a good host entails more than providing a place for guests to sleep. Creating the perfect guest room takes a little forethought. The good news is, it’s not difficult to give your overnight guests a memorable five-star experience.

Use these tips to transform your guest room into a luxurious space where your friends and family will enjoy spending time.

Clear the clutter

You may use your guest room for storage, but remove extraneous items when expecting overnight visitors. Even neatly stacked storage containers could make guests feel like they’re invading your space. Temporarily relocating your personal items will establish the room as your guests’ private retreat during their time with you.

Use the right color palette

Selecting a color scheme is a good place to start decorating. Draw inspiration from your bedding and paint the walls in a shade that matches an accent color in a bedspread or blanket.

Or, if you’re planning to use crisp, white bed linens, take a monochromatic approach to the decor. Settle on the main color and use its varying shades to create a soothing environment.

For example, if you paint the walls sage, use lighter and darker shades of that color in pillows, blankets, wall art, and accent elements. Just remember that a simple and clean design is better. An overly busy or brightly colored palette is often overwhelming and distracting.

Choose luxurious bedding

Nothing says boutique hotel quite like beautiful, plush bedding. Don’t skimp on linens; opt for the high-thread count, 100% cotton sheets. Bargain sheets will make your guests feel like an afterthought.

Make the bed look as good as it feels. Use between two and four good-quality pillows — as well as layer coverlets, blankets and throws to create an inviting bedscape where your guests can relax in sumptuous comfort.

Welcome the guests properly

Fill a welcome basket with items to make your guests’ stay more comfortable. Include a few of the following:

• Water bottles
• Candy or mints
• Fruit or granola bars
• Magazines or local tourist guides
• Travel-sized toiletries and tissues
• Lotions and other items that will make guests feel more at home

Guests don’t want to be discovered rummaging around in your kitchen in the middle of the night looking for a snack or drink of water.

Incorporate small courtesies

A key to being a great host is giving guests what they need before they have to ask for it.

For example, frame your Wi-Fi passcode and incorporate it into the decor. Leave a set of house keys and the security system code in a basket on a dresser.

Post written directions for operating the television. Include a small mirror so guests can freshen up without having to find an empty bathroom. Clear out a drawer or shelf space for guests’ belongings.

Create a charging station in a nightstand drawer so visitors don’t have to dig for an outlet behind heavy furniture. It’s as easy as drilling a hole in the back of a nightstand and threading the cord of a power strip through it.

Plug the strip into a wall outlet and voila! You have a DIY charging station where guests can easily power multiple devices.

Add hotel amenities

To really make your guest room feel like a high-end hotel experience, stock it with similar amenities. Stash a small iron and ironing board in the closet.

Hang a soft bathrobe from a hook on the back of the door. Set up a luggage rack so guests can have easy access to their clothing.

Put extra towels and washcloths in a basket and make sure there are extra clothes hangers in the closet. If you have space, include a coffee station with a single-cup brewer and accouterment.

Create seating

Guests will probably want to rest without having to lie down on the bed. If your space allows, add a comfy chair, a small table and reading lamp. For smaller quarters, upholstered benches or chests placed at the foot of the bed make versatile seating options.

Decorate with guests in mind

Avoid using family photos or highly personal items when decorating your guest room. That doesn’t mean your guest room decor should be without personality. Hang paintings from your favorite local artists or include quirky artwork you’ve collected on trips to exotic locales.

You might even consider creating your own masterpiece to display in the guest room. Be sure to share the stories behind the pieces with your guests and allow them to forge a connection with the room.

Add finishing touches

Great hosts go the extra mile to make their guests feel welcome. A vase of fresh flowers on a nightstand is a detail that guests appreciate. Consider leaving a handwritten note that conveys how happy you are to have them staying in your home.

If your guests will have a lot of time by themselves, leave a list of nearby coffee shops, restaurants, and points of interests. If you’re planning to cook, tell them the menu in advance and be sure to ask about any food allergies.

Creating a special space for visiting friends and family members is easier than you think, but it does require some preparation. Use these tips to turn your guest room into a mini-bed-and-breakfast that guests will love!

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