Gone are the days when bathrooms were looked through just a purposeful perspective. Today, they play a big role in your home décor with its main elements like tile designs, bathroom fittings, and wall paint.

These things are chosen to keep in mind the different color schemes for your bathroom. Color schemes are very important as they set the mood of the space, for example, rich and vibrant colors elevate your senses and also uplifts your mood instantly.

In this article, you will find some inspirational bathroom color schemes that will break the norms and make your bathroom stand out from the other rooms.

Bathroom color schemes to take inspiration from

Following are some color schemes for your bathroom that you can take inspiration from:

1. Black Chrome

When it comes to choosing bathroom décor and ideas for bathroom décor it is true to say “black is the new black”. Black is a sophisticated color that makes your bathroom look elegant, distinguished and without a doubt easy to maintain.

With black as the décor, choose warm lighting that cuts the sharpness of the color and creates a stunning contrast. You can go for wall lights or crystal chandeliers that highlight tiles.

You can play with textures in the same shades and use accessories of these shades. You can go for bathroom fixtures and bathroom washbasin matching with your wall color.

2. White matte


An always go-to color for your bathroom is white. It never disappoints you. It is pleasing to the eyes and also adds freshness to your bathroom. White is a perfect color for experimenting and creativity. With white, you get options to experiment with.

You can go for an all-white bathroom with white tiles, fittings, floorings or you can choose white as a base color and add splashes of vibrant colors through bathroom accessories and bathroom storage cabinets.

For example, you can go for white bathroom washbasin, bathtub and tiles and use teal color in the cabinet and towels. A bit of switching of the color schemes will give an instant new look to your bathroom.

3. Gold dust

The color of absolute luxury is gold. Renovate your bathroom designs into a luxurious space by using a gold color. You can opt for a mirror that has a glitter golden background and choose the borders of your cabinet with a golden color.

You can even choose the faucet and showers with a gold finish. Choose warm lighting as its perfect for the gold color scheme. It gives an illusion of gold dust and gives shine to little bits of your bathroom.

If you don’t want everything gold, then you can choose a color in similar hues of brown and beige. They give a good finish and add sparkling details to your bathroom.

4. Give a neon splash to bathroom

A splash of neon gives a vibrant and quirky look to your bathroom. Though most of you all might not think neon as the first consideration for your bathroom still, it’s the perfect shade to give an edgy look to your bathroom.

It gives a unique style and personality to your bathroom. You can break the neat and clean look of your bathroom with a neon color scheme. You can choose this in the form of a neon pink or neon towel or neon faucets. If you want a more colorful and bolder look then you can put up one

5. Antique everything elements


As we all know old is gold, the touch antique elements can bring to your bathroom cannot be compared to any other color scheme. Decorative gilded mirrors make a wonderful statement piece for your space.

You can even exchange your bathroom fittings with antique style fittings. This gives a unique luxury look to your bathroom. Vintage mirrors and vintage wooden bathroom cabinets are functional, stylish and can change the entire look.

You can even choose faucets and showers in antique, traditional style. If you want something more, you can go for marble for your countertop and bathroom tiles and floors. For the best antique look, you have to focus more on small details like the hooks, tissue holder, bathroom fitting, etc.

The above-mentioned color schemes can add a dash of creativity to your bathroom space and change its décor completely.

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