Bathrooms are not just rooms in your home where you practice the best personal hygiene. They also serve as a relaxing escape. Therefore, investing in upgrading the beauty and functionality of your bathroom is always worth it.

For bathrooms that are more than just bathrooms, smart design is a must. You need to carefully think about your personal requirements and work with experienced contractors and designers. Together, you can come up with a creative layout and the best implements to target your established wants and needs for this important space in your home.

If you are remodeling your home and you want your bathroom to be a relaxing sanctuary where you can spend the time to luxuriate yourself, gather your thoughts, as well as release some of your burdens, rounded up below are seven implements to consider for the room.


1. A fireplace

Nothing can signal you to slow down and relax like a warm and inviting fireplace. This charming feature automatically makes any room incredibly cozy. It emits much-needed heat especially during the winter, and if you put it in the bathroom, it will make bathtime thoroughly satisfying.

It is worth noting, too, that a fireplace in the bathroom is the pinnacle of sophistication. Most of the time, it is a feature that you only see in country inns and luxury hotels. So, if you want to give your bathroom a strong punch of elegance, a fireplace, no doubt, is a smart addition to consider.

2. A skylight

This bathroom design feature combines energy efficiency and a pleasant natural ambiance. A skylight reduces the need for electrically powered lights during the day because it ushers sunlight into the room. At night, it becomes a pretty picture window that displays the sky up above.

3. Recessed shelves

If you find those wire shampoo racks tacky, recessed shelves would definitely fit your aesthetics. You can have the walls of your bathroom redone to have these shelves built in to hold your personal hygiene products, aromatherapy candles, and even additional lighting.

This is a minimalist storage solution that offers the side benefit of a sleek and streamlined appearance for your bathing area.

4. Pebble flooring

This is another worthy consideration for a master bathroom. It lends a unique yet natural vibe to the room — quite similar to the feel you get when you go to a spa. Plus, it can function as a safety solution as well. Pebble flooring reduces the risk of slipping in the shower. And lastly, some people point out that pebbles provide a pleasant soft massage experience for the feet.

5. High-tech toilet

Japan is definitely doing something awesome with their toilets, and the rest of the world should follow suit because high-tech toilets really change the bathroom experience. Sit-down toilets that use advanced technology offer numerous features for optimum comfort and convenience. The most popular ones are heated seats, built-in bidets, and sensor-activated flushing system.

Recent designs of these high-tech toilets provide even more delightful features such as a music player that automatically plays a tune to conceal any sounds during the use of a toilet, a foam release system to muffle sounds, and even an odor neutralizer.

If your goal is to build the bathroom of your dreams, you need a high-tech toilet to elevate your bathroom experience.

6. Voice-activated media system

As a leisure space, it’s nice if the bathroom can offer different kinds of entertainment to users. Music players and TVs are top picks because these are the devices most people turn to for relaxation. However, it can be rather unsafe to operate these devices in the bath, even if you have a remote control for them.

Fortunately, voice-activated media systems are now available and they are perfect for bathrooms. The system operates on voice command and it can function as Internet-connected music or video player, radio, and even as a television. With this, you just get into the shower or bathtub and utter a command for the kind of entertainment you want.

7. High-tech bathtub

Fancy bathtubs are no longer just hot tubs with water jets that release strong streams of water to massage your body. These days, they have a control feature to maintain the ideal temperature of bath water.

Not only that, but the control panel also has a safety button that you can press should you get in an accident while bathing. There are also bathtubs which come with multiple control panels. This way, you can multitask and prepare a bath (which can take a bit of time) while you’re in the kitchen still washing the dishes.

All of these bathroom implements are not only stylish; they are also impressively functional. They will cost a bit more money, especially with the work of the best bathroom designers and contractors. But, rest assured that the cost will all be worth it because all of these features will ensure you have pleasurable bathroom experiences every day.

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