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The basement is the place that you would never find your child during hiding and seek unless they are the ultimate fearless daredevil.

Full of old storage boxes, unused exercise equipment, and the occasional dwelling ghost. It’s a great place to store possessions that shouldn’t be seen or possessions you want to forget about.

However, your basement is a great place to renovate to a second living space. A more fun, if you will, a more relaxed living space where a fully stocked home bar could be and nobody would question you. You would just be it house on the block.

Renovating your basement can create some awesome price points if you’re thinking about selling your property in the near future. Even if you don’t plan on it, it is a good use of space rather than it being a damp, dark, dungeon where memories lurk.

Basement Ideas

Here are some cool basement renovations ideas to consider before you settle on one design. These designs are easily interchangeable and easily intermingled.

  • Living Room

As mentioned earlier, turning your basement into a living room can be a great idea because you’ll have so many opportunities to turn different areas of the living room to something unpredictable. Instead of having one living room – you have two.

The original living space can be used as a formal living space and the new living room can be a new and improved family bonding area where you have so much space for activities!

  • Home Bar

This was also mentioned earlier. These two ideas can be combined for an awesome get-together area in your basement. A great place to host a ladies night with some wine and a little Say Yes to the Dress. Or a great place to hold poker night with a few drinks on the rocks.

  • Wine Cellar

Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, this cellar doesn’t have to be massive. This goes really hand in hand with the bar idea. And just like that, you’re able to combine three ideas for one basement.

If you ever plan to sell the house, it would be a great selling point for a social family that likes to host many parties or gatherings – it would be a nice dedicated space just for that specific reason.

  • Home Office

If you run a home business or you work remotely from home a lot, turning your basement into a home office will be beneficial for you. Instead of finding a comfortable place around the home… make one.

  • Game Room

I mentioned something about a poker game earlier and you can expand on that idea and go all out. Plan for a 2-in-1 pool table and ping pong table to be incorporated into your plans. This goes well with the home bar if it’s going to be an adult game room.

However, if you have little ones, you can make it a children’s game room. It can be a dedicated space for playtime and a dedicated storage area for all the toys. If you play hide-and-seek, now you know where to find them.

  • Home Gym

Start using your unused exercise equipment! Now it’s got a nice dedicated space for it and is not buried and hidden behind boxes and boxes of untouchable items. You’ll have enough space to stretch and maximum movement.

If you’re an avid dancer or anybody else in your family is one – the home gym can double up as a dance studio with full-length mirrors to maximize the space.

The Ultimate Moneymaker

This next renovation idea is the ultimate moneymaker – and it’s a great selling point too. Having a fully renovated basement is great but if you have nothing in mind for yourself and you’re not appealed to any of these ideas – this moneymaker will be for you.

Renovate your basement into a bachelor pad. If your basement is big enough to have a room (sometimes two) a bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living space – then this is where the most return on investment will come from. A monthly income if you decide to rent it or house your elderly parents and stop paying for those hefty retirement homes.

Make sure that if you do this, you have a separate entrance so it never interferes with the upper living space.

Be sure to draw up a contract if you decide to rent it – you’ll be an official landlord.

Any of these great renovation ideas can be an amazing return on investment. All you have to do is imagine your home listing with the added “finished basement” or “home bar” and that will automatically add value to your home.

And if you plan on not putting your home on the market, just the thought of having a dedicated room for games, gathering, or money-making is a great feeling.

However before you can brainstorm on what to do in the basement, the first thing you need to do is to declutter the whole basement so you know what kind of space you’re working with and how much storage is needed to be built and in the most efficient way possible. Rent a dumpster and lighten the load – rid yourself of lurking ghosts.

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